Position Overview

Every industry, whether manufacturing, hospitality, tourism, and healthcare has acute staffing needs. With more and more companies working on a shift basis, they need for a perfect staffing system. This is where staffing coordinators come in! They are responsible for providing staffing services for the company that they are working for.

Staffing coordinators ensure that they set schedules in a way that each shift within a company is appropriately manned. This may involve rotating internal employees or working with external agencies to provide the organization with the best in staff which of course is relevant to the prescribed job description. These professionals are also required to maintain daily staffing reports and record so that each activity is logged properly.

Staffing coordinators work closely with the human resources department. They may be asked to assist in orientation of new employees and even training them to a certain extent.

Following are some typical job duties of a staffing coordinator.

Staffing Coordinator Resume Job Description

– Maintain staffing operations across the board

– Obtain daily staff requests and fill them efficiently

– Uphold accurate system for tracking staff over a variety of shifts

– Coordinate staff to meet the organization’s requirements

– Monitor overtime accumulation and attendance of employees

– Assist the human resource department with interviews and orientations

– Provide facility tours to newly hired employees

– Track a document all in service training sessions

– Conduct competency checks on new and existing employees

– Maintain schedules for rotating staff

– Secure coverage for vacancy shifts

– Work with the payroll manager to verify payroll accuracy

– Process employee vacation requests