HSE Supervisor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on December 5, 2014

Coming up with a compelling cover letter is important to obtaining an interview call for an HSE position. Cover letter writing standards and format has rapidly evolved over the last couple of years and it is important to know the contemporary cover letter trends to be able to write one successfully. Below are some guidelines regarding cover letter writing:

• Always begin strong. The more compelling your opening paragraph is, higher are the chances that your letter will be read till the end.

• Make sure that the cover letter formally introduces your candidacy and presents a strong case that proves you are an ideal fit for the position at hand.

• Keep the overall length limited to single page.

• End the letter with conviction, mention a follow up plan and hint on an interview.

Below is an professionally written cover letter for HSE supervisor resume.


HSE Supervisor Cover Letter Sample


Jordan Rex

398 Kelly’s Ave • Houston, TX 78332 • (005) 333-2222 • jordan . rex @email . com

December 6, 2014

Mr. Fredrick Green
HR Manager
78 Hardy Lane
Houston, TX 78332


Dear Mr. Green:

I learned about your need for an HSE supervisor yesterday through your website with great interest since my qualifications exactly match your requirements. Please accept my enclosed resume for your review and consideration and allow me to explain briefly what makes me a perfect fit for your firm.

In my career with WELLCO, a leading oil and gas exploration and drilling company, I:

• Directed the procurement of suitable PPE for oil and gas well drilling.
• Inaugurated an easy to read safety manual that covers all HSE protocols and SOPs that employees need to know about.
• Generated $50Kby implementing safe and green waste disposal strategies and finding a procurer for byproducts of drilling and gas de-carbonizing procedures.
• Reduced over all accident rates by 40% through apt execution of well chalked out accident prevention strategies at the work site.

As you will note in the accompanying resume my career so far has been an upward journey. Initially hired as a junior safety officer I have consistently continued climbing up the professional ladder and my employers have always found my skills and expertise more than satisfactory.

If you are looking for an HSE supervisor who is committed to the highest standards of workplace safety and is knowledgeable and experienced in the oil and gas sector, call me now at (005) 333-2222 to set up an interview date and time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jordan Rex

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