Medical Supervisor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: October 18, 2016

In these days of so many electronic communication channels, actual paper letters may seem like a thing of the past. However, cover letters are definitely not bygones. The power of a printed cover letter is as much as it was a couple of decades ago, when it was the only means of communication with a prospective employer. Believe it or not, most employers still appreciate receiving actual cover letters, rather than the quick email.

But to be able to make a cover letter workable in any sense, its paper form is not enough. What is written in it matters as much – maybe a little more. Writing a cover letter to effectively highlight your worth is imperative if you want to be considered as a good contender for a job. The impression that you make through the cover letter, remains long after the cover letter has been read. And this impression is what will get you the job. Cover letters do not only provide “cover” to a resume – they also strengthen or build upon the information in a resume, making the latter a strong read.

Whatever you do, do not opt to leave out the cover letter – ever! It is much too strong a document to forget to include. For ideas on what to write to make your cover letter shine, refer to the sample below:


Medical Supervisor Cover Letter Sample


Emma Walsh
586 Green Street
Dublin, OH 21442
(000) 452-4574
emma @ email . com

October 18, 2016

Ms. Fiona Kercher
Hiring Manager
Community Healthcare Center
856 First Road
Lewes, DE 19985


Dear Ms. Kercher:

As a goal-oriented professional who has a verifiable track record of success in supervising staff in a medical unit, and establishing objectives and evaluating criterion in a busy hospital environment, I am a perfect fit for Medical Supervisor position at Community Healthcare Center.

Let me highlight some of the areas where my expertise will help:

• Unmatched ability to develop, implement and oversee organizational policies and procedures for medical facilities and large medical units.
• Highly experienced in establishing work schedules and assignments for staff members, in accordance to workloads and space availability.
• Documented success in effectively managing changes in integrated healthcare delivery systems, by restructuring work processes, and implementing technological innovations.

If you are interested in knowing how I managed to effectively implement emergency readiness, and compliance to access, safety and sanitation regulations at South Bailey Hospital, please feel free to contact me at (000) 452-4574, so that I can provide details.

Thank you for taking time to read this letter and enclosed resume.



Emma Walsh