School Lunchroom Supervisor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: February 9, 2022

A cover letter that a hiring manager enjoys reading is a bit difficult to write.

After all, reading cover letters is what hiring managers do most of the day, and there is very little chance that they may not have read something.

Hiring managers usually have a clear idea of what they want in an employee, and by reading a cover letter, they can gauge if the applicant has that to offer.

The job advertisement that you are responding to has all the information that you will need to write a cover letter. Read it thoroughly and then write a cover letter akin to the following sample:

School Lunchroom Supervisor Cover Letter Example

Carol Bling
52 Garden Ave
New York, NY 25110
(000) 333-8541

February 9, 2022

Mr. Harrison Fisher
Hiring Manager
Highline Public Schools
7762 67th Street
New York, NY 11212

Dear Mr. Fisher:

A lunchroom full of students and the hub-hub of people is an encouraging sight for a school lunchroom supervisor who has had the kind of experience that I have. With over 10 years of exposure to different lunchrooms and cafeterias, mostly in an academic capacity, I am sure that my experience will of great use at the lunchroom at Highline Public Schools.

Over the years, I have accomplished much in terms of streamlining operations in busy lunchrooms. One of the biggest accomplishments that I have to my name is the introduction of a special menu for students with defined food allergies. In addition to this, I have successfully streamlined lunchroom operations, especially where food wastage is concerned, earning both accolades and a mid-year bonus from the school management.

If you are looking for an individual who can successfully manage the operations of a busy lunchroom, provide insight into creating and maintaining a safe environment for students, and has the capacity to contribute effectively to kitchen operations, then we have a good rason to meet.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Carol Bling

(000) 333-8541