Water Distribution Supervisor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 3, 2019

A water distribution supervisor needs to write a cover letter that will win him or her interviews.

And if you are applying for this position, it is essential that you word your cover letter in a way that it is instantly attractive to a hiring manager.


The first thing that you need to do is determine who will read the cover letter so that you can address it to him or her directly.

Start by mentioning where you heard about the opportunity. Move on to offering information regarding your ability to supervise water distribution and maintenance work.

It is vital to fill your cover letter with reasons to hire you as a water distribution supervisor.

You need to make sure that whatever you write remains in sync with what the hiring manager is looking for.



Anything irrelevant will blow your chances of being considered for the position.

Here is a cover letter sample, written specifically for a water distribution supervisor position:

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Water Distribution Supervisor Cover Letter


June 3, 2019

Mr. Paul Maurice
Human Resources Manager
City of Bloomington
10 Spring Road
Bloomington, IN 94637


Dear Mr. Maurice:

I am fully qualified to work as a water distribution supervisor at your organization. Since I have worked in a similar capacity at the office of the City of Fort Wayne, before my move to Bloomington, I am sure that I will be an immediate contributor. I would appreciate it if you would go through the enclosed resume for further details on my experience in this regard.

During the time that I have worked as a water distribution supervisor, I have been handling many tasks with high competence, including planning, coordinating, supervising, and directing the construction and maintenance of water services for the city. Specifically, I am well-versed in overseeing water distribution, maintenance operations, and construction services, as they relate to water services.

Additionally, I am qualified to identify opportunities for improving service delivery methods and procedures and determine resource needs. Possessing an unmatched ability to oversee the installation, maintenance, and repair of hydrants and transmission lines, I will be an excellent resource for your company.

It would be pertinent to meet in person so that I can further highlight my skills as a water distribution supervisor. I will arrange a meeting with your office soon. In the meantime, please feel free to call me at (000) 273-2847 if the need arises.

Thank you for your consideration of me as a candidate for the Water Distribution Supervisor position at the City of Bloomington.




Ian Masting

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