Building Superintendent Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 9, 2019

Cover letters for building superintendent position should be employer-focused.

Remember, the prospective employers do not want to know your story; they just want to know what you have to offer them.


Below are some tips regarding building superintendent cover letter:

Backup your claims

Whatever claims you’re making in your cover letter regarding your past achievements, make sure these are backed up with statistical data.

Hook the reader’s interest

You have to grab the reader’s attention right at the beginning; otherwise, your cover letter will not be read until the end.

Customize your tone

It is very important to tweak your tone in accordance with the culture of the company you are applying to.



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Building Superintendent Cover Letter Sample



Harold Marx
340 Sunset Ave, Miami, FL 56211
(000) 854-9565
harold @ email . com

November 9, 2019

Mr. George Kline
HR Manager
Skyline Residentia
67 Uniworth Sq
Miami, FL 56211


Dear Mr. Kline:

Your advertisement for Building Superintendent position particularly fascinated me because my profile is an exact reflection of your job description. I am confident that you will find my expertise in building supervision and managerial operations worthwhile and valuable. 

During 5+ years of experience as a building supervisor, I have worked on different housing and renting projects and have built a strong reputation in delivering exemplary customer service experiences to residents. 

Below are a few highlights of my attributes:

• Proven ability to communicate effectively at all levels of management as well as the assigned crew.
• Familiar with OSHA safe building guidelines.
• Proficient in providing quick response service to customer’s requests and complaints.
• Adept at drawing out lease contracts and getting them signed timely by concerned parties.
• Working knowledge of plumbing, welding and drywall patching.
• Well-versed in the maintenance of HVAC systems.

Also, I am competent in giving lease information and administrative support to the team. In addition, I am known to be an expert in providing emergency response to the residents.

My resume is attached for your consideration. I would enthusiastically welcome an opportunity to meeting with you in person to discuss your requirements and my relevant skills in detail. Thank you for your time and consideration.




Harold Marx
(000) 854-9565