Hard Skills for a Barber Resume

Updated on: April 2, 2022

Skills make us successful at a job. Besides hands-on experience, skills are more critical, where the work of a hairstylist or barber is concerned.

Experience is all very well, but without the virtue of skills, experience cannot be gained.

General Overview

A barber needs to be extremely dexterous with his hands.

The need to be able to quickly and artfully cut the client’s hair is high.

That is because many customers are waiting in line to get their hair trimmed or cut!

Above all, it is important to know current trends and fashions so that one can stay up with the competition.

Barbers are often asked by customers to give them a “look that suits” them. If you want to do this successfully, you will need to know what type of hairstyles suit different types of face cuts.

Barbers also need to possess information on trimming beards, shaving, and providing vanity services such as head massages and facials.

Special Skills for a Barber Resume

• Well versed in a range of hair care activities such as styling, cutting, and trimming.

• Proven record of assessing customers’ needs and meeting quality barbering services standards.

• Excellent talent for staying informed about the latest barbering trends and hair care techniques.

• Creativity and insight into innovative hairstyling and beard trimming methods.

• Able to perform tapering, side and back fading, and buzzing.

• Adept at providing customers with the military, business professional, and spiky cuts.

• Well versed in scalp treatments such as scalp and massage facials and shampooing.

• Exceptional networking and customer service skills aimed at handling the business aspect of the barber’s shop.

• Knowledge of skin infections and diseases.

• Ability to suggest mild and nonintrusive treatments.

• Solid know-how of standard sanitation procedures with a keen ability to employ them in a realistic setting.

• Demonstrated ability to apply hair masking and coloring or tinting.

• Skilled in finding each customers’ hair problems and suggesting workable solutions.

Position Requirements

Most shops employing barbers do not require formal education or training.

Usually, they get on-the-job training after which barbers can apply for a license in the state they are working in.

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