Barber Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: August 26, 2020
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Barbers work at hair salons and barbershops where they are expected to perform hair cutting, styling, and grooming tasks. They provide consultation to clients about hair care, new trends, and styles and also suggest hair and skin treatments.

Below is a list of duties that barbers perform on a typical day at work:

Sample Job Description for Barber Resume

  • Greet clients and visitors and engage them in conversation to determine their needs
  • Answer questions regarding the salon’s facilities and hair care products
  • Provide suggestions to clients regarding current hairstyles and favorite trends
  • Inquire from clients about hair care preferences and suggest appropriate resolutions to hair and scalp issues
  • Cut and style hair according to clients’ instructions
  • Provide beard trims to clients looking for grooming
  • Provide manicure and pedicure services to clients
  • Give scalp treatments and apply facials
  • Provide clients with head, neck and back massages
  • Check clients for scalp or skin disorders such as sores or abrasions and determine how to provide a certain service
  • Ensure that all combs and scissors are cleaned and sanitized after use
  • Take telephone calls from clients and provide them with needed information
  • Schedule appointments over the telephone and maintain records of work performed on each client
  • Assume responsibility for the upkeep and cleanliness of workstations
  • Perform up-selling services by suggesting retail products placed at the barbershop
  • Ensure that sufficient items such as clean wrap sheets and towels are available on an ongoing basis
  • Supervise trainees and apprentices to ensure that they are working according to the shop’s protocols
  • Resolve clients’ complaints correctly in a bid to ensure recurring business from them


It is essential for barbers to get training in cutting and styling hair. Many barbershops hire apprentices who work alongside senior barbers and learn the trade.

Senior barbers usually hire trainees and oversee their work, and once an individual gets complete training, s/he can work independently or with minimal supervision.

Barber Skills and Abilities

Barbers need to be knowledgeable of current hair trends and styles and possess the ability to implement them on clients. They also need to be informed about hair care products as barbershops often have a retail section and barbers are required to sell them by utilizing their suggestive selling skills.

Barbers need to possess exceptional communication skills as they engage clients in conversation regularly. They should be able to take directions and follow instructions provided by clients.

Education Requirements

Most barbershops require a minimum of a high school diploma or a GED from the people they hire as barbers.


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