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Updated on: May 6, 2022
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Many colleges require students to obtain experience through internships or externships.

And if it is a computer science degree that you are perusing, you will need to obtain some practical experience.

A resume written for a computer science student will highlight the applicant’s inherent qualities and involvement in college activities.

In fact, the applicant will need to highlight his or her abilities exactly.

This is to say that any related information (with technology) that an applicant can provide will be welcomed.

Here is a resume for a computer science student:

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Computer Science Student Resume No Experience

Matte Harmon
602 Hartford Avenue
New Castle, DE 62013
(000) 654-9565


Technically savvy and diligent computer science teacher with an excellent academic record. Eager to work in a team environment at ABC Company to design, and implement production-quality features as well as comprehensive automated unit tests.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences | In-progress
Major: Networking
Delaware State University, New Castle, DE

• Led 4 tours to the Silicon Valley, helping students develop ideas for final year projects.
• Attained Student of the Month award owing to the exceptional academic record.
• Proved to be invaluable to an in-house technology event, consequently placing the university amongst the top 5 ones in the USA.


Computer Science Extern
Cocheck Inc., New Castle, DE
Jan 2022 – May 2022
• Assisted in the design and development of web experience.
• Gathered data such as client requirements for product development purposes.
• Planned and designed security control, as well as implemented them according to protocol.
• Coordinated security assessments of 3rd party technology solutions.
• Identified requirements for changes in security policies and procedures.
• Developed new as well as modified existing security controls, processes, and policies.
• Assisted in leading cybersecurity incident investigations.
• Researched and recommended software and hardware.
• Installed hardware and software on new and existing systems.
• Troubleshoot malware and virus attack issues.
• Set up systems and monitored them in order to ensure consistency.
• Tested systems to ensure they worked well.
• Minimized system downtime through the implementation of backups.
• Developed scripts and tools in order to automate support operations.
• Documented and oversaw the implementation of new software and hardware.

• Installation • Technology Development
• Troubleshooting • Design
• Research • Review
• Computer Architecture • Coding
• Web Development • Technology Analytics
• Cybersecurity • Disaster Recovery

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