Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist Resume Sample

Updated on: April 29, 2017


Since the last time you wrote and submitted a resume, a lot has changed.

There is a lot more to vocational specialist resume writing now than there was before.

Now, a resume has to be exceptionally spot on and accurate for the employer to be able to judge you as a great candidate for a job.

The following sample guides you how to do this.



Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist Resume Sample



Clarence Todd

72 Grand Avenue | Bronx, NY 10453 | (000) 214-2145 | clarentodd @ email . com


Analytic, systematic and ambitious

Performance Summary

Over 6 years of experience of working in a vocational rehabilitation specialist role. Exceptional ability to plan, develop and implement a comprehensive service delivery system, to determine the eligibility of individuals with disabilities for vocational rehabilitation services.

• Talented in assessing clients’ medical, psychological, social and economic conditions, aptitudes and work experiences to determine viability of success of vocational opportunities
• Maintain a proactive dialogue with clients, plan holders and treatment providers to formulate viable return to work
• Successfully collaborate with risk management staff to move towards appropriate plans to reduce duration of disability
• Qualified to provide timely and constructive feedback to peers regarding vocational aspect of claims

Core Competencies

✓ Relationship Facilitation ✓ Eligibility Determination ✓ Vocational Adjustment
✓ Service Assurance ✓ Program Monitoring ✓ Evaluation
✓ Goals Setting ✓ Rehabilitation Potential ✓ Diagnostic Assistance
✓ Expenditure Approvals ✓ Remedial Education ✓ Progress Tracking


Key Achievements

• Successfully placed 6 people from the same family in rehabilitation, ensuring 100% success in all 6 cases.
• Independently created and set goals for 52 cases, resulting in high success in placing them in rehabilitation services.
• Implemented a set of metrics that reduced eligibility determination problem by 75%.
• Introduced the concept of remedial education to the facility, resulting in immediate sign-ups.

Professional Experience

Service Source Inc., Bronx, NY | 2011 – Present
Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist
• Create a list of clients requiring consultation and monitoring, and determine plans to assist them
• Provide services to clients in handling problems of personal, social and vocational adjustment
• Determine clients’ physical, mental, emotional, economic and social conditions to determine type and extent of intervention required
• Consult with doctors and disability professionals regarding findings of examinations and determine eligibility for rehabilitation services
• Plan and arrange for rehabilitation services and approve expenditures within provided limitations
• Provide program monitoring and consultation and keep appropriate case records and control expenses
• Prepare individual written vocational evaluation plans and orient clients to the evaluation process
• Teach basic vocational skills and lead groups that are composed of individuals with diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds

Hently Rehab, Bronx, NY | 2006 – 2011
Rehabilitation Case Worker
• Interviewed clients requiring personal, social or vocational adjustments and created correlating plans to assist them
• Created and maintained effective liaison with external vocational rehab services to ensure provision of ace services to clients
• Conferred with public and private employers to secure job opportunities and trainings for clients
• Provided clients with information on how to go about obtaining rehab services from both internal and external sources
• Developed and maintained core documentation to ensure that all case paperwork is in order


New York State University, Bronx, NY | 2005
Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling