Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist Interview Questions and Answers

Updated April 29, 2017

Every interview for vocational rehab specialist position can be a great success but it all depends on you. The way you conduct yourself during an interview is what matters the most. But to be able to conduct yourself well in an interview, you have to go a little back in time.

Interviews require a lot from a candidate in terms of preparation and decorum. Since one has a lot of time to prepare for an upcoming interview, it is best to make this time count for something. Do your homework and practice your stance. And you are done!

Take a look at the following set of interview questions and answers:


Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist Interview Questions and Answers

What is the main job of a vocational rehabilitation specialist?
The main responsibility of a person working as a vocational rehabilitation specialist is to assess his or her clients to determine the type and extent of their disabilities, and to then chart out a viable plan to help them enroll into correlating rehabilitation programs.

What makes you a great contender to work as a vocational rehabilitation specialist?
The one thing that I am extremely proud of is my ability to assess situations and people immediately. I can quickly and aptly evaluate my clients’ conditions, and work out immediate and effective plans to help them meet their needs.

Have you ever been disappointed in the work that you do?
No. I have always found my work to be extremely challenging and worth every moment that I spend doing it. Even if I am faced with disappointing situations at times.

What is the most difficult thing that you have done in this role up till now?
I was assigned a client who had an invisible illness (an autoimmune disease) whose symptoms were almost negligible. But the client was in obvious pain and required rehabilitation immediately. Convincing the authorities to look at her case with a kind eye was a chore. But I managed to acquire the help that she needed eventually, which made the entire process quite worthwhile.

What part of the work of a vocational rehabilitation specialist do you enjoy the most?
I believe meeting with new people every day and getting to know different personalities is what makes this work much enjoyable for me.

Which part of working as a vocational rehabilitation specialist is not what you expected it to be when you first joined all those years ago?
I was hoping for the process of acquiring rehabilitation services quite easy. However, years of working in this capacity has shown me that it is far from being easy and is in fact, the most difficult part of work g as a vocational rehabilitation specialist.