Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Resume Sample

Updated on: June 20, 2023

Your resume should be anything but run of the mill. There is no point in following ordinary resume writing as you will be creating something that has no place in the employer’s world.

So cut yourself away from the crowd and attempt to write a resume that is completely different from other resumes that employers have seen and failed.

A resume for the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor position is supposed to be reflective of all that you are. And you cannot afford to place the wrong impression.

The following resume sample will get your format right.

Sample Resume for Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Position

David Murray
53 Wall Street, Albany, KY 36472
(999) 999-9999
davmurray @ email . com

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

• Uniquely qualified vocational rehabilitation counselor with 5 years of experience in conducting vocational evaluations and assessments, developing core rehabilitation programs, and driving them to their maximum capability.
• Hands-on experience in evaluating work skills and capacities and formulating dedicated vocational plans for each client
• Proficient in analyzing information received from referring sources and developing vocational diagnosis
• Demonstrated expertise in soliciting jobs from local employers by performing thorough research activities
• Qualified to handle complex cases by ensuring that every aspect of diagnosis, plan development, and client placement is handled in a professional manner

– Rehabilitative counseling – Communication
– Capability assessment – Condition Analysis
– Client evaluation – Job placement facilitation
– Therapeutic work programs – Referral handling
– Case management


Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Suncoast Communities, Albany, KY 
6/2015 – Present
• Assess clients to determine their disabilities or dependencies.
• Create and implement plans to rehabilitate clients according to their physical and mental conditions.
• Provide counseling to clients around choosing, obtaining, and obtaining employment and academics.
• Coordinate educational support services for clients looking to get back into academics.
• Facilitate job placement by assisting clients with application documents and getting them in touch with various organizations.
• Conduct outreach programs to maintain a solid data bank of interested placement organizations.
• Make referrals for therapeutic work programs after consulting with patients’ physicians and psychologists.
• Monitor client progress through constant evaluations and re-evaluate clients that may be slipping.
• Counsel and assist clients through rehabilitation procedures and adjust programs as needed.
• Create and maintain records of clients in a safe and confidential manner.
Key Accomplishments
• Placed 52 clients with severe limitations due to chronic fatigue syndromes in their relevant work areas.
• Delivered 15 lectures on dealing with disabilities and dependencies in 12 states.
• Created a core rehabilitation program that helped to spin off dedicated programs based on client history and limitations.
• Conducted 22 outreach programs and successfully called onboard 17 organizations to assist in client job placements.

Rehabilitation Assistant
Core Beings, Albany, KY
1/2010 – 6/2015
• Assisted in interviewing clients by taking and recording important notes.
• Read and comprehend each client’s medical history.
• Provided support in creating and implementing rehabilitation programs based on each client’s specific requirements.
• Observed clients during rehabilitation procedures and alerted the counselor of any additional needs.
• Maintained client information and progress data in a confidential manner.

Bachelor’s Degree in Rehabilitative Services
Kentucky State University, Albany, KY – 2009