Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist Job Description for Resume

Updated April 29, 2017

Are you about to sit at your word processor and create a resume to apply for a vocational rehabilitation specialist position? Stop! First, go through the detailed information that we are providing here for this position. A vocational rehabilitation specialist is an individual who provides assessments of life claims in order to determine clients’ functionality, and provide evaluation of work capabilities. He or she is responsible for determining if a client is eligible to return to work and how he or she can be helped in stepping back into the society as a viable member.

To work as a vocational rehabilitation specialist, one has to possess a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling. Exceptional analytic abilities, strategic thinking, ability to handle cross functional collaboration, and excellent communication skills are obvious prerequisites of working at this position. If you possess a certification as a rehabilitation counselor, you may be considered a great choice to hire as well. Even if you have worked as a case manager in a disability setting earlier, you will be considered a great catch by a future employer.

The work of a vocational rehabilitation specialist is not without challenge. There is extensive contact with clients and rehabilitation service providers and one has to be on his or her feet (practically and figuratively speaking) at all times. Here is a list of job duties particular to this position that you can look through before writing your resume:

Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist Job Description for Resume

• Assess each client by going through his or her medical, financial and work history in detail

• Evaluate clients’ medical, psychological, social and economic situations, along with aptitudes and limitations to determine the type of rehabilitation services that will best suit him or her

• Create an analysis of facts to determine the viability and success of devised vocational plans

• Compare all assessments with policy rehabilitation provisions and make cost-benefit analysis to develop core programs for each client

• Create and maintain proactive dialogue with clients, case workers and treatment providers to formulate viable return to gainful employment

• Indulge in cost-effective utilization of vendors to provide rehabilitation services to support the program’s goals

• Coordinate with internal and external (public service facilities) to control costs and identify similar benefits

• Collaborate and coordinate with risk management staff members to move towards appropriate plans in a bid to reduce the duration of disability

• Consult with physicians and members of the disability analysis team regarding findings of examinations, in a bid to determine eligibility requirements