Talent Acquisition Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 21, 2022

A talent acquisition specialist is basically a human resource person whose job is to source, identity, interview and attract suitable candidates for certain job positions.

This job demands excellent communication and interpersonal skills along with strong negotiating and convincing power.

If you are planning to apply for a Talent Acquisition Specialist position, don’t forget to add a cover letter to your job application.

How to write a great cover letter for the Talent Acquisition Specialist position?

Here are some cover letter writing tips that will come in handy:

1. Customize your introduction to suit the exact job requirements.
2. Directly address the hiring authority.
3. Exude passion and enthusiasm.
4. Refer to some of the company’s current campaigns or events.
5. Mention only your relevant skills and prior achievements in a personalized manner.

Here is a Talent Acquisition Specialist Cover letter sample for your guidance.

Talent Acquisition Specialist Cover Letter Example

Derek Grayson
32 Galaxy Avenue
Tampa, FL
(000) 521-9565
derek .grayson @ email . com

August 21, 2022

Noah Harrison
Medicare Medical Centre
44 Hillside Lane
Tampa, FL

Dear Mr. Harrison:

I recently came across your job posting for a Talent Acquisition Specialist and I’m excited to apply for the same because my qualifications are in line with your needs.

As you can see on the attached resume, I helped cut recruitment costs by 20% by introducing social media recruitment campaigns at my previous workplace. I was recently recognized for reducing employee turnover significantly through the implementation of viable HR policies.

Here are some highlights of my qualifications:

  • Well-versed in designing and running recruitment campaigns using social media platforms
  • Track record of enhancing employee retention by implementing sustainable HR policies
  • Apt at using various software and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Adept in conducting background checks, pre-hiring, and exit interviews
  • Exceptional negotiation skills and strong persuasive power

I would like to discuss and suggest some strategies to take your existing web presence and employee branding up a notch. Please feel free to schedule an interview meeting where we can discuss the prospect further. I am available at your convenience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Derek Grayson
(000) 521-9565

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