Talent Acquisition Coordinator Resume Objectives

Updated on: June 29, 2018

Writing a Talent Acquisition Coordinator resume objective is one of the easiest of things to do. That is, if you are aware of what exactly it is that goes into it.

An objective is the magical part of your most crucial job application document, i.e., a resume. This is where you make sure that the rest of the resume gets read.

When you write a resume Talent Acquisition Coordinator, you have to make sure that it begins appropriately, and that it tells a hiring manager how good you are at what you do, and what a great contributor you will be to the company where you are applying.

What follow are some samples of resume objectives for a talent acquisition coordinator position:

Talent Acquisition Coordinator Resume Objectives


• Top-performing Talent Acquisition Coordinator with over 6 years of experience of working closely with the human resource department. Presently looking for a position at FedEx Ground, applying exceptional skills in sourcing talent from different places in accordance with requirements.

• Highly skilled and experienced Talent Acquisition Coordinator, with excellent exposure to working with department heads to determine job description, currently seeking a position at LV. Exceptionally well-versed in sourcing candidates and screening them, along with handling interview and induction processes.

• Desire a Talent Acquisition Coordinator at Cielo Talent. Offering expertise in hiring candidates, and providing them with the right type of training, along with exceptional proficiencies in conducting reference checks and screening activities.

• To work as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator for Adventist Health System. Bringing well-placed proficiencies in determining the right candidates for vacant positions. Expert in performing core needs assessments, to assess department heads’ requirements.

• To obtain a position as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator at Creative Solutions. Eager to apply exceptional skills in creating a smooth and successful hiring experience, aimed at meeting department heads’ requirements for hiring professional individuals.


Additional Guidelines

A Talent Acquisition Coordinator resume objective needs to possess a specific type of information, for it to be able to make a positive impression on an individual.

When you write an objective statement, it is imperative that you focus on skills and competencies, rather than experience.

It is important to know that despite what many people say about putting experience information in an objective, it must not be done.

You can mention that you have certain years of experience, but then leave it at that. Remember that a resume objective merely is about your knowledge of the work, and how you can use it to benefit a new employer.