Product Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 3, 2018

The position of product specialist pertains to sales and public relations. One must possess outgoing communication skills, energetic personality and incredible convincing power to qualify for this job.

A cover letter for a product specialist resume should reflect an in-depth knowledge of sales work and other duties of a product specialist perform to promote the product.

Considering the nature of this job, the cover letter must be composed wisely. It should be compelling enough to convince the hiring manager read the enclosed resume. Showcase your related attributes and skills in short sentences.

Following is a free and fully customizable sample cover letter for product specialist resume.


Product Specialist Cover Letter Sample



(099) 514 West Lane | Mount Pleasant, SC 29083 | (000) 505.5005 | [Email]

March 3, 2018

Mr. Joe Mathews
Hiring Manager
Apricot Interiors
488 Apple Lane
Mount Pleasant, SC 29083


Dear Mr. Mathews:

I am writing this letter to apply for the position of Product Specialist at Apricot Interiors, in response to the advertisement cited in Daily Times. As an experienced and dedicated product support specialist, working in the field of sales for last six years, I could bring substantial expertise to your company.

I have a track record of enhancing sales and exceeding targets at my previous jobs. Due to my inherent convincing power, I can persuade customers to purchase a bit extra. Utilizing this skill, I will be able to work wonderfully for your firm as well. While being a product specialist, I am also a promotion expert. I am fully capable of launching massive campaigns for new products since your firm has recently shifted focus from home interiors to office interiors; my expertise in new product promotion can come in handy for your firm at the moment.

Furthermore, I am a team player who has a proven ability to inspire and motivate other team members. Being a quick learner, I can adapt to product portfolios fairly and quickly. My exceptional skills in MS PowerPoint will help me create similar presentations of your products to make a choice easier for the customers.

I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you and discuss this position further. Please call me at (000) 505.5005 if you need any documents or references. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Julia Anthony

Enc. Resume