Special Needs Teaching Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on July 31, 2015

Many job seekers find it hard to write a resume for special needs teaching assistant job. They get confused about what to write and what not to write. Here are some instructions to help you write the perfect resume!

For one thing, a resume should be short, sharp and to the point. But be make sure that it’s complete! Write it a bit like this:

First and foremost – you need to redo your resume for every teaching assistant job you apply for. Do not have one general resume that you send to everyone, because you need to see what they’re asking for, and write your resume according to it. One trick you can use here is to use the same keywords that the hiring manager used in the job advertisement. This will automatically make the prospective employer feel that you’re the person best suited to the job.

Another trick is to write everything in reverse chronological order. The hiring manager wants to know what you did most recently, not what you did years ago.

So how do you manage it? Have a look at this resume sample for a special needs teaching assistant:


Special Needs Teaching Assistant Resume Sample


Jerry Colefield

789 Jerico Street ● Shamrock, NJ49827 ● (444) 444-4444 ● j.colefield @ email . com


PROFILE: Dependable and self-motivated individual with highly developed communication skills. Exceedingly sympathetic people person with extensive experience in teaching children with special needs. Practical time management skills and highly developed organizational abilities. Highly developed communication skills with special ability to manage children with special needs. Proven success in understanding the needs of each special child, to ensure success of special education administration. Demonstrated ability to motivate students with special needs to boost their self-confidence. Documented success in placing students with special needs in regular educational programs to help them integrate into society.


• Curriculum development• Autism and ADHD• Student evaluation
• Compassion• Individual growth• Activities-based teaching
• Assistive technology• Behavior management• Child development
• Personal care• Academic growth• Support equipment

• Successfully helped a child with special needs who was also a problem child, to overcome his learning disability and become integrated into a regular school curriculum
• Correctly diagnosed a special child as being autistic after years of her being labeled as simply “retarded”
• Effectively designed a series of special needs teaching programs to help children suffering from autism spectrum disorder
• Wrote a book about the needs of special children, Our Special Children, that addressed children with needs that were hard to diagnose


ROCHESTER SCHOOL, Shamrock, NJ | 7/2012 to Present
Special Needs Teaching Assistant
• Assist the teacher in effective implementation of special needs curriculum
• Provide support in making effective, suitable lesson plans that address the needs of each child
• Support the teacher in building an environment in the classroom that helps the children gain confidence
• Help the teacher and on-site doctors diagnose the children’s special problems
• Keep up-to-date with the latest theories and trends in teaching children with special needs, to ensure that each child is getting the best possible instruction and support
• Help the teacher design and implement safety measures to prevent accidents, both in the classroom and during recess time
• Maintain records and documentation on each child by exercising confidentiality
• Ensure safety of students during activities like fire drills and extracurricular
• Help the teacher asses each child and chart future changes in his/her teaching plan

JAMES SCHOOL, Shamrock, NJ | 6/2011 to 6/2012
Special Needs Assistant
• Assisted the teacher in creating and implementing effective lesson plans for each child
• Provided support in building a sympathetic environment in the classroom
• Helped the teacher apply safety measures to ensure the physical wellbeing of each student
• Created individual student records and managed documentation on each student
• Helped the teacher supervise the students during recess and outdoor activities
• Assisted the teacher in assessing and evaluation each child by providing them with observational feedback


STATE UNIVERSITY, Shamrock, NJ – 2008
Master’s Degree in Special Education