Teaching Assistant Skills for Resume

Updated on: August 5, 2018

Teaching Assistants are responsible for handling secretarial as well as academic and classroom management tasks that a teacher would otherwise do.

They are required to go through standard training procedures – almost the same as a teacher’s training. However, their role is a support one and training is usually concentrated on ensuring that they work in harmony with the lead teacher.

There are certain skills that are needed to become a successful teaching assistant. Teaching assistants are required to be excellent communicators because that is the essence of their jobs. Ability to meet deadlines and resourcefulness are also essential skills of a teaching assistant’s position. Below is a list of skills that can be utilized when writing the skills, strengths or qualifications section of a teacher’s assistant resume.

Sample Skills for Teaching Assistant Resume

• Demonstrated ability to assist lead teachers by performing secretarial and one-on-one lessons importation tasks

• Proven success in using educational materials and resources

• Adept at preparing classrooms for lessons

• Special talent for supervising students in the event of the absence of a teacher

• Excellent verbal, written and instructional communication skills

• Track record of creating and maintaining effective student-teacher relationships

• Detail orientated with keen attention to detail

• A methodological approach to resolve conflicts and solve problems

• Proven ability to maintain confidentiality at all times

• Skilled in imparting lessons and information in the absence of the teacher

• Logical thinking and positive approach

• Profound ability to work in a stressful environment

• Able to assume a mentor’s role when required