Best 3 Educator Resume Samples & Writing Guide

Updated on: November 1, 2020

Educators are responsible for drawing out lesson plans and provide classroom instruction to students under their supervision. They plan both formal and informal learning activities depending on the age of the students that they are teaching.

When writing a resume for an educator position, keep in mind that you have to keep it to-the-point and concise. The employers are not interested in your list of responsibilities performed at your previous job. Therefore mention your accomplishments in addition to a list of duties.

Below are 3 professionally written resume samples for an educator position.

Sample Resume for Educator Position
(Example 1)

Noel Spencer
7366 Laporte Road, Brandon, IA 73011
(000) 999-8545


Bringing skills in designing individually based curriculum, and imparting knowledge in an interactive manner.

11+ years’ progressively responsible experience in the teaching arena. Successful track record of planning, developing, and implementing appropriate lesson plans. Ability to instruct and monitor students in the use of interactive learning materials and related equipment. Observed and evaluated students’ performance and development in sync with objectives. Ability to handle students from diverse backgrounds.


  • Written and verbal communication
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Decision-making
  • Exceptional ability to tolerate stress


Lead Teacher
Alliance De Learning – Brandon, IA
2010 – Present
Created and implemented interactive lesson plans designed especially for young adults. Promoted from assistant teacher to lead teacher position within a year of facilitating lesson plans for the class.

  • Formulate and implement lesson plans in accordance with student developmental needs
  • Design interactive activities in order to facilitate learning
  • Observe students for performance and developmental issues
  • Monitor each individual student’s progress
  • Undertake assessment activities as instructed
  • Maintain liaison with parents in order to provide relevant progress details

Assistant Teacher
ABC School – Brandon, IA
2007 – 2010

  • Assisted lead teacher with lesson planning activities
  • Managed student behavior issues
  • Assisted with student records
  • Supervised students in the absence of the lead teacher
  • Modeled positive interactions

Bachelor’s Degree in Education
Brandon College of Arts – Brandon, IA

Educator Resume Sample 2

Adriana Neeson
9 Virginia Avenue, Huntington, WV 12020
(000) 411-4745
adrianee @ email . com


High-energy Educator with hands-on experience in creating educational environments conducive to the specific needs of students. Highly qualified to prepare and deliver lessons to a range of classes of different ages. Devised curriculum based on the dynamic needs of students.


Mar 2013 – Present

  • Achieve 100% success in placing all high school graduates of Classes of 2013, 2014, and 2015 in college programs
  • Implement a series of outreach programs with a high success rate of encouraging students to take part in community service activities
  • Build student-based curriculums and ensure that they are properly incorporated into lesson planning activities
  • Assist with lesson planning by ensuring that all developed programs are in accordance with the teaching policies of the school
  • Deliver lessons to a range of classes of different backgrounds and ages
  • Mark work and provide constructive feedback to teachers and students
  • Research new topic areas and devise new curriculum materials to assist with lessons

CORE ACADEMY, Huntington, WV
July 2008 – Mar 2013

  • Created and implemented a sophisticated interactive learning program, increasing student interest substantially
  • Introduced career and education counseling services within the school premises to provide high school students with career and education options for the future
  • Observed behavioral issues and addressed them appropriately
  • Served as a point of contact for students and teachers in duress and ensure that their problems are resolved in a prompt manner while maintaining the confidentiality
  • Communicated with parents and guardians regarding students’ progress and provide assistance in cases of problems regarding low grades

THE NEW SCHOOL, Huntington, WV
May 2005 – July 2008

  • Created and implemented core curriculum according to the procedures and protocols set by the school and the state
  • Imparted lessons to students and assisted them in grasping new concepts
  • Designed, developed, and used resources to teach difficult concepts
  • Assessed each student according to his or her individual capabilities and provided individual assistance where required
  • Marked assignments and exams and made reports
  • Met parents to provide them with insight into their children’s achievements or issues and provided solutions for the latter

Bachelor’s Degree in Education

Curriculum Development • Lesson Planning
Student Motivation • Resources Coordination
Behavioral Issues Management • Classroom Decorum
Teacher Development Exercises • Performance Evaluation
Mentorship • Interactive Education Planning
Career Counseling • Outreach Program Development

Educator Resume Sample 3

Victoria Allison
94 Everest Lane, Seattle, WA 76005
(004) 333- 5421
victoria @ email . com


Dedicated educational professional with 5+ years’ teaching experience in the elementary settings. Proficient in prioritizing and completing tasks in a timely manner, and flexible to multitask when needed. Full command on age-specific cognitive development milestones. Track record of catering for the academic and social needs of students while maintaining an updated, highly structured, and technology integrated classroom environment.


  • Record Keeping
  • Student Assessment
  • Notebook Checking
  • Lesson Planning
  • Homework Monitoring
  • Behavioral Evaluation
  • Classroom Control
  • One on one Tutoring
  • Student Counselling
  • Subject Coordination
  • Progress Charting
  • Parental Communication


Elementary Teacher
City School, Seattle, WA

  • Elevate percentage of students in the assigned group from 75% to 83% on average in only six months of hire
  • Earn the ‘most responsible teacher’ award thrice in a row
  • Plan the lesson and implement it in the classroom
  • Maintain a cognitively stimulating classroom environment
  • Gauge each child’s progress and communicate the same to parents regularly
  • Identify weak areas of each student and make suitable remedies for rectification of the same

Teacher’s Assistant
Academy of Excellence, Seattle, WA

  • Conducted annual sports day successfully which was held at the central park with an audience of 250+ along with media coverage from 5 leading news channels
  • Supervised the children while play and lunchtime
  • Graded students’ home worksheets
  • Assisted the teacher in activity-based learning and puppetry activities
  • Provided one on one tutoring when required

Bachelor of Arts in Education
State University, Seattle, WA

K-10 and elementary education Certification


  • Trilingual: English, French, and Spanish
  • First Aid certified
  • Good physical Stamina, ability to stand for long periods

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