Software Tester Resume Sample [+4 Tips]

Updated on: June 6, 2021
How to Write a Perfect Resume for Software Tester position?

Creating a winning software tester resume is not impossible. You just have to spend a little bit of time crafting one.

When you write a resume, keep the following points in mind:

  1. Your resume should not be longer than 1-2 pages.
  2. Write only the most relevant information in your resume.
  3. Be sure to put in your achievements and qualifications.
  4. Send a Software Tester cover letter along with your resume.

As you take all these into account, you will realize that resume writing isn’t the monster that it is made out to be. The following resume sample for a software tester position will help you as well:

Sample Resume for Software Tester Position

Scott Rivera
865 Johnston Road, Benton, MS 85698
(000) 321-3234
scottrivera @ email . com


Technology-savvy software tester with exceptional expertise in meeting quality assurance standards of software development and deployment. Hands-on experience in analyzing software and systems with a view to the overt risk and prevent software issues. Track record of effectively reviewing and evaluating software products and systems, establishing software quality standards for development methods, testing, maintenance, and lifecycles, and validating solutions based on clients’ requirements


Software Tester
Jun 2015 – Present
• Write test and validate solutions based on each user’s specific requirements.
• Build test environments and ensure that performance tests are properly executed.
• Coordinate resources to assist in the execution of test scripts and user acceptance terms.
• Ascertain that all component changes are manually tested against impacted areas.
• Analyze test data to determine inconsistencies and redundancies and ensure that these are properly addressed.
• Perform manual testing on applications such as .NET and XML.
• Analyze requirements and provide feedback regarding requirements testability.
• Validate the implementation of infrastructure and application security features.
• Ensure that new software modifications meet users’ requirements and operate successfully in the system environment.
Key Results and Accomplishments
• Developed and implemented a standard data integrity script which reduced software testing time by 66%.
• Identified the need for performing software testing during the initial phases of development, thereby increasing end product viability.
• Detected and resolved a possible system failure before it had a chance to bring the entire system down and translate in losses.
• Designed 42 test plans to perform quality assurance of the biggest project that the company.

QA Assistant
Apr 2010 – Jun 2015
• Determined software/application requirements and developed corresponding test plans.
• Assisted in the implementation of quality assurance/testing plans to determine project weaknesses.
• Documented results in a bid to determine which path of action to take in order to handle software discrepancies.
• Provided assistance in generating historical analysis of test results.
• Created error handling procedures for each application module and performed applicable audits.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
Major: Software Development

• Requirements Identification
• Quality Assurance
• Functional and Scalability Testing
• Resource Planning
• Documentation Review
• Risk Mitigation
• Application Test Plans
• Quality Compliance
• Performance Testing
• Technical Analysis
• Manual and Automated Testing
• Data Integrity