System Administrator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 27, 2015


There are some questions that you should consider before you attempt to write a system administrator cover letter:

• Who is my audience?
• What is the purpose of writing this letter?
• How can I focus on the reader but still achieve my goals?
• What do I have in me that will help me in meeting the company’s needs?
• Do I stand out from the crowd and capture the employer’s interest?
• What do I write that will engage the reader so much that he or she will finish reading my cover letter?
• Does my cover letter advertise my resume?
• Is my cover letter professional sounding?
• Have I spent enough time in creating, editing and proofreading my cover letter?

Do you see what these questions do? They make you think! And by thinking about what you are about to do, you are actually self-assessing yourself – all the way to writing a cover letter that is in a league of its own!

The purpose of a cover letter for system administrator resume is to:

• Convince the employer to look at your resume
• Call attention to the elements of your background
• Reflect your attitude
• Indicate follow-up

Keeping these in mind, we have constructed a cover letter sample (for a system administrator position) to help you along:


System Administrator Cover Letter Sample


232 8th Street
Pine Bluffs, WY 80201

November 27, 2015

Mr. Herman Vasquez
Hiring Manager
Applied Memetrics
22 Sanders Drive
Pine Bluffs, WY 82021


Dear Mr. Vasquez:

Your need for “an experienced system administrator who can plan, organize and document complex system design activities and configure systems to be consistent with institutional procedures” fits my skills base and expertise perfectly.

It is not often that one has the opportunity to take years of technical experience in organizations with colossal technology demands, and apply them in diverse situations, requiring technical balance. In an organizational structure such as that evident at Applied Memetrics, my expertise in programming languages, operating systems, current equipment and technologies in use and use of system performance monitoring tools, will prove to be an asset. Once hired, you will find me highly qualified in the following areas:

● Server Rebuilding ● Infrastructure Applications Handling
● Resource Identification ● Hardware and Software Integrity
● Data Integrity and Security Measures ● Disaster Recovery Operations
● Systems Standards Maintenance ● Backup Operations

You will see in the enclosed resume that I meet or exceed virtually all the requirements that you have listed in your job advertisement. May I call in a few days to arrange a date and time for a meeting? I can be reached at (333) 333-3333.



Wade Watkins

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