Pet Sitter Resume Sample

A hiring manager going through a pet sitter resume will look for one thing primarily i.e. structure.

A well-structured resume opens great doors for candidates.

What does a well-structured resume look like?

Something like the following example:





Pet Sitter Resume Example



Eli Evans

7223 Siskin Cir | North Augusta, SC 46021
(000) 695-5210 | elievans @ email . com


An inherent love for animals

Performance Summary
Compassionate and responsible pet sitter with hands-on experience in handling a variety of pet care services including walking, overnight pet care, pet taxi and medication administration. Proven ability to handle a wide variety of pets including dogs, cats, parrots, turtles and fish.

Actively performs grooming duties such as bathing, combing and nails clipping. Competent and committed, ensures that pets are given their food and water according to specified schedules. Ability to dispense and administer medication to assigned pets, along with a great ability to keep a constant check on their health.

Professional Skills

✓ Pet Grooming✓ Medication Administration✓ Playtime Management
✓ Exercise Programs✓ Feeding Assistance✓ Behavior Management
✓ Disease Control✓ Pet Training✓ Overnight Companionship
✓ Bathing and Cleaning✓ Emergency Handling✓ Distress Handling



Pet Sitter
Canine Comprehensive, North Augusta, SC | 4/2012 – Present
• Confer with pet owners to determine their specific concerns about their pets
• Make notes about particular information regarding behavior and requirements derived from pet owners
• Engage pets in friendly banter, aiming to comprehend their nature, and make an initial assessment
• Take pets (specifically dogs) for walks, ensuring their safety and that of the people around
• Ascertain that pets are fed on time, and ensure that their water bowls are constantly filled
• Administer medication to pets upon the instructions of pet owners, and log all such information appropriately
• Create and implement exercise programs to ensure that pets get sufficient physical activity during the day
• Intervene in emergent situations such as injuries and instances of disease, ensuring that safety and wellbeing of assigned pets

Selected Accomplishments
• Saved a pet dog from becoming fatally ill, by recognizing early signs of cancer and reporting it immediately
• Implemented a novel pet exercising program that catered to both dogs and cats, resulting in increased interest in availing services by pet owners

Pet Volunteer
Pets R Us, North Augusta, SC | 2/2009 – 4/2012
• Bathed and groomed pets and ensure that they remain clean at all times
• Took dogs out for walks on predetermined routes, ensuring their safety and wellbeing all through
• Properly cleaned kennels and disposed of waste
• Checked pets for signs of disease or distress, and communicated concerns to pet owners
• Took care for wounded pets, ensuring that their medication was administered on time

Selected Accomplishments
• Introduced a pet behavior management program which proved to be 58% more efficient than the one already in use
• Trained 15 dogs as companions for special needs pet owners, over a period of 3 years

North Augusta High School, North Augusta, SC – 2009
High School Diploma

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