College Student Worker Resume Sample

Updated on: December 14, 2022

Resumes for college student worker position are main application documents which mean that they have to be absolutely perfect in every sense.

Looking through a resume, a hiring manager often makes up his or her mind if the candidate is worth anything.

If you want to give prospective employers something to think about, create your resume along the lines of the following sample college student worker resume:

College Student Worker Resume Example

Grace Mathews

183 Grey Road
Fort Hood, TX 46972
(000) 784-8565
Grace.mathews @ email . com


Highly experienced Student Worker known for providing exceptional first contact services and assistance to both existing and new college students. Exceptionally talented in providing students with guidance and information to help them adjust to the school environment.

Able to screen and direct general office phone calls and queries to the right departments. Competent in answering students’ questions and directing them to appropriate resources. Effectively able to handle admission paperwork by assisting in filling forms out and ensuring that they are safely stored.

✓ First Contact Services ✓ Admission Support
✓ Financial Aid Counseling ✓ Mail Processing
✓ Data Entry ✓ Records Keeping
✓ Documentation ✓ Switchboard Operations
✓ Special Events Assistance ✓ Errand-running
✓ Library Assistance ✓ Inventory Management

• Streamlined the college admissions process by incorporating a “record as you go” procedure, aimed at ensuring that all acquired information was correct.
• Proved to be invaluable to the college during a series of special events, by providing exceptional clerical and administrative support.
• Successfully managed over 1000 calls in one day, during an admission marathon.
• Introduced a much safer and more accurate records-keeping system than the one already in place.


College Student Worker
Spartan College, Fort Hood, TX
5/2012 – Present
• Greet students and their families and guardians as they arrive at the front desk
• Inquire into their purpose of visit and provide them with detailed information on the academic services offered
• Assist students in choosing the right courses and provide support by eliciting enrollment information
• Inform students of onboard facilities and services such as on-campus residence and financial aid
• Assist the school staff with the setup and breakdown of special events such as convocations and annual plays
• Provide support to the librarian in overseeing and tidying up the library area
• Oversee the school supplies inventory system, communicating stock situations to the manager
• Provide clerical support such as copying and scanning documents, handling records and performing data entry work

Office Assistant
Butler Community College, Fort Hood, TX
2/2009 – 5/2012
• Assisted students with admissions by helping them fill out forms and arrange for necessary documents
• Scanned and recorded all admission forms in the system, placing special focus on their accuracy
• Ensured that all office equipment was in consistently running order, and performed preventative and regular maintenance on them
• Supported the school office with special events such as open houses and annual days
• Performed clerical duties such as operating printers, scanners, and copiers, and handled required data entry work

High School Diploma
Fort Hood School, Fort Hood, TX – 2009