Cat Sitter Resume Sample

Updated on: September 10, 2018

Working as a cat sitter requires one fundamental element in an individual – an inherent love for cats. A cat sitter is an individual who specializes in looking after cats, while their owners are away. He or she ensures that their wards (cats) are provided with tender loving care while they are away from their people – the owners.

You will have a million reasons not to spend time on building a Cat Sitter resume, but we will give you just one to the contrary. A resume is the only thing to outline the fact that you are the best choice to hire.

Here is a sample to help you out:


Cat Sitter Resume Example



William Smith
59 More Road, Reno, NV37743
(000) 999-9999


Cat lover with 7+ years of experience of looking after the wellbeing and safety of domesticized cats. Exceptionally talented in providing cats with the right environments, conducive to their growth and comfort. Ability to perform grooming duties, such as washing, nail clipping, and brushing.


✓ Grooming ✓ Feeding ✓ Medicine Administration
✓ Litter Cleaning ✓ Lice Control ✓ Companionship
✓ Behavior Management ✓ Exercise Regimes ✓ Disease Control
✓ Feline Training ✓ Records Maintenance ✓ Disinfection

✓ Successfully handled 13 cats at the same time (for one owner), without any untoward incident happening.
✓ Trained 42 cats to perform jumping tricks, within five years.
✓ Implemented a safe and hygienic litter cleaning method, replacing the old, not to a safe one.
✓ Introduced a series of ice-breaking activities, making it easier to maintain acquaintance with entrusted cats.


Cat Sitter
Pet Services, Reno, NV | 2015-present
• Confer with cat owners to determine cats’ specific personalities, likes, and dislikes, and make correlating notes.
• Perform ice-breaking activities with cats to make them feel comfortable, and to comprehend their characters.
• Provide tender loving care to entrusted cats, by talking to them, and stroking them.
• Feed cat food (tinned or boxed) by following strict instructions of the owners.
• Perform washing and grooming activities such as giving baths, trimming nails, and brushing fur.
• Monitor cats to determine any behavioral issues, or traces of problems such as diseases.
• Administer medication to cats, based on specific instructions of the vet, or cat owner.
• Create and maintain logs of feeding times, and exercise regimens, and add any required notes on a daily basis.

Pet Sitter
Sitting Experts, Reno, NV | 2012-2015
• Fed, watered, and nurtured pets including cats, dogs, fish, birds, and equine animals.
• Provided exercises to all assigned pets, following set plans and programs.
• Oversaw the general health and wellbeing of pets, and reported any issues or problems.
• Performed wound care on injured pets, or those who may have gone through surgery.
• Cleaned and disinfected pets’ pens and cages, and ensured that they were checked for lice or mites.

Reno High School, Reno, NV – 2009
High School Diploma

Cat Sitter

Cat Sitter Qualifications

To work as a cat sitter, you do not need any formal education.

Students often take up cat sitting to earn a few extra bucks. But some people take this work quite seriously because of their love for felines.

Working as a cat sitter is not tricky since cats are quite easy to handle. Performing grooming and bathing activities (yes, contrary to popular belief cats can be given baths) is all in a day’s work for a cat sitter. He or she will be required to handle things like making sure that the cats entrusted to them are kept happy and safe while the owners are not present.

Feeding them at the right time, with the right type of food is essential, so you will need to know how this works. If the cats are domesticized, it is important to ensure that they are not let out.

Cat Sitter Job Description

• Meet with cat owners to determine their specific requirements regarding the care and security of their cat or cats.
• Familiarize self with cats, making them feel comfortable so that they do not get anxious without their owners.
• Obtain information regarding cats’ routines, including feeding times, and exercise routines.
• Follow all routines properly, ensuring that the wellbeing and safety of entrusted cats are ensured.
• Clean up after cats, ensuring that their litter is appropriately changed, or replaced as required.
• Feed cats both tinned food, and carefully cooked items, on the specific instructions of the owner.
• Monitor cats to ensure that they are in good health, and report any issues that may be observed, such as injuries and illnesses.
• Assist cat owners by accompanying them to vets for vaccination purposes, or for a general checkup.
• Dispense medication to cats, following specified instructions, and monitor their behavior.
• Play with cats on a regular basis, ensuring that they do not get injured during play time.
• Observe cats for any behavior issues, and provide support to owners in effectively dealing with them.