Pet Sitter Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: November 17, 2021
Pet Sitter Job Description

Pet sitters look after pets while the owners are away. 

Since looking after pets is a great responsibility, pet owners prefer to hire people who have a natural love for animals and understand the different ways in which pets need to be taken care of.

Some pet sitters may be required to come in a few times a day to check on a pet and feed them; others may be expected to stay the entire length of the day that a pet owner is away.

Some pet sitters are also required to stay overnight especially when the owner may have gone on a vacation.

Empathy for animals is an essential quality of a successful pet sitter.

The following is a list of common duties and responsibilities of a pet sitter. 

Sample Duties and Responsibilities for a Pet Sitter Resume

• Make pets familiar with self by showing empathy

• Perform grooming duties such as bathing and combing

• Ensure that pets are fed and given water at proper intervals

• Make sure that pets are walked several times a day to take care of their personal needs

• Take instructions from pet owners regarding exercise needs and ensure that they are carried out

• Accompany pets to veterinary doctor’s appointments for vaccinations

• Clean litter boxes and ensure that they are refilled properly

• Dispense and administer medication when instructed by the pet owner

• Feed fish and ensure that aquariums are cleaned and refilled

• Play with pets such as cats, dogs, and rabbits to ensure that they have a feeling of companionship

• Ensure that pets are free of lice

• Observe pets for behavior issues and report them immediately

• Make sure that pet owners know of any suspected diseases or conditions that the pet may be going through

• Clean up paw prints on carpets or floors

• Shop for pet food in accordance with the pets’ personal choices

• Provide training to puppies and kittens