Shop Assistant Job Description for Resume

September 6, 2019
Position Overview

Handling a store is a tough job, especially with so many things going on simultaneously.

There are customers to see to, stocking duties to supervise and payments to be processed.


Retail venues hire shop assistants to help them smooth out everything – from assisting customers with their purchases to handling complex inventory procedures.

Typically, a shop assistant is trained in providing excellent customer services.

Since customer services are the be-all-and-end-all of all retail environments, much focus is placed on training shop assistants in this arena.

As part of their work duties, shop assistants handle merchandise stocking activities, assisting customers in locating products, and providing them with information on after-sales services.


Skills and Knowledge

Knowledge of sales and marketing procedures is important. Additionally, in-depth knowhow of the four Ps of marketing (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) is very important if you want to work as a shop assistant.

You also have to be an aggressive seller and possess sensitivity as far as customers’ wants are concerned.

Since shop assistants remain in touch with customers throughout a workday, it is crucial for them to be polite and respectful when dealing with them.


Shop assistants need to possess a high school diploma at the very least if they want to apply for this position.

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Job Description for Shop Assistant Resume

• Greet customers and endeavor to determine their shopping needs

• Provide them with information about available products

• Escort or direct customers to the correct aisles and assist them in locating their products of choice

• Demonstrate product features and provide customers with expiry information

• Stock shelves with different products keeping “placement” in mind

• Make available missing products on customers’ demands

• Provide customers with information regarding product make and model

• Make customers aware of any special products or deals that the company may be offering

• Arrange for products to be delivered to customers’ homes by taking delivery information

• Assist customers throughout the payment process by taking cash payments and rendering change

• Process credit and debit card payments and have receipts signed by customers

• Coordinate bagging efforts by making sure that the correct type of bags for different items

• Instruct baggers to deliver products to customers’ cars

• Work with the delivery department to make certain that deliveries are made on time

• Handle inventory management duties; order supplies and products before they begin to run low

• Oversee bulk product purchase activities and make arrangements for the proper storage of received items

• Tally cash register at the end of each shift and handle any discrepancies according to designated protocols

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