Server Follow-up / Thank You Letter after Interview

Do you know that it is not just good manners to write a thank you letter after you have given an interview? There is another purpose to writing a thank you letter after interview i.e. to follow up on your status. When an interview is done, chances are that the next step is informing the candidate that he or she has been chosen for the job – or not. Sometimes, we leave jobs on the table simply because we didn’t follow up, giving hiring manners a chance to forget us and move on.

A server follow up letter works wonders in reminding a hiring manager of who you are and how you fit into a company. You do not have to say that you are writing a follow up letter – the content should be suggestive of this. When a hiring manager / employer receives a follow up or thank you letter, he is automatically reminded of his time in interviewing you and may recall you as someone who has something great to offer. Employers have limited time and even less patience to interview people, let alone remember how good each one was! It is up to you to remind him or her of your existence and what you have to offer, so that you are given one more chance to appear for an interview – or better still, hired!

Following is a sample follow-up / thank you letter sample, written by a candidate who has been interviewed for a server position:


Server Follow-up Thank You Letter after Interview


Brian Perez
36 Pine Street South
Cranston, RI 14521
(000) 987-5645
Brian @ email . com

May 17, 2016

Mr. Herbert Pollock
Hiring Manager
Taco Mac
6052 W Bel Air Road
Cranston, RI 02920


Dear Mr. Pollock:

Getting to know Taco Mac as an organization (as opposed to just a restaurant) at the interview between us last Thursday, was quite insightful. I am even more determined to become a part of Taco Mac, now that I am aware of some of its policies and the fact that it treats employees and customers with the same respect.

During the interview, you mentioned that you are looking for someone who has a fervor to do things perfectly and does not have issues in working on their feet for a long period of time. If you remember, I mentioned that the food service industry has been my home for over 5 years now and I consider my work as the most important thing in my life, resulting in handling food service work perfectly. Also, I have had some experience in handling food preparation work, which makes me an excellent contender to work for an organization that looks for multi-talented people such as yours!

I would like to thank you for taking out the time from your busy schedule to interviewing me. I am hopeful of a second interview with you soon, so that I can gain more insight into how you run things at Taco Mac, and in exchange, provide you with a wider overview of my expertise as a server.



Brian Perez

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