4 Banquet Server Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: December 22, 2020

Regardless of which position you are appearing at an interview for, preparation is the key to success. When you enter the interview room, you have already either half won or half lost the interview battle.

Banquet Server Interview Guidelines

The first impression counts. You go in dressed like a professional and you will be perceived as one. So make sure that your physical aura is brilliantly prepared.

Step 2 is your mannerism. Interviews scare even the most seasoned of applicants. But if we show fear, we are doomed. Employers like hiring people who are confident. Even if confidence is the last thing on your mind, try to portray it as much as possible.

Step 3 is the language you use. It can be a horror trying to say the right thing and ending up saying the exact opposite. Take a few seconds to fully understand what is being asked. If you do not understand it once, no one is going to sue you for asking again. Answer succinctly and make sure that you do not stammer.

Tall order? Unfortunately, yes! But if you can get yourself to act exactly this way, you will be a winner.

To see how to answer interview questions, here is a set of questions and answers for a banquet server interview:

Banquet Server Interview Questions and Answers

1. In the role of a banquet server, what is the importance of customer service?

The food and beverage industry relies heavily on good customer services. Working as a banquet server, if one does not focus on the quality of customer services, the whole business is at risk. Hence, customer service is very important.

2. What were your typical duties as a banquet server?

Depending on what events we have to handle in a day, I set up banquet rooms, make sure that tables are covered with fresh table cloths and aesthetically placed dishware and flatware. During the event, it is my duty to serve food and beverage items to guests and ensure that the buffet table is well laden. Afterward, there is a lot of cleaning up and tearing down duties to perform.

3. How is a banquet server different from a regular restaurant server?

There isn’t much difference except maybe the fact that banquet servers are well-versed in handling a large guest list. Another difference is that banquet servers are trained in setting up buffet tables and serving individually.

4. What skills are required to work in this position?

To be a successful banquet server, one has to be exceptionally well-organized. It is important to be completely customer-oriented as well and possess the ability to stay calm in adverse situations. Since servers are on their feet for long periods of time, it is imperative that they are physically strong.