Many universities across the world offer research assistance programs to their students so that they may earn extra credits. In some universities, it is a requirement of an academic program for a graduate student to work as a graduate research assistant. Since this position usually ends as an academic year ends, students often need to apply for the same position (in the same capacity or not, depending on their course outlines and personal interest). A cover letter for this position will require a student to highlight his interest and skills for this position.

Scope of Work

Graduate research assistants perform many duties under the supervision of the faculty member they are working for. They perform research on various topics, compile data, check it for discrepancies and document it appropriately. Depending on the university they are studying and the reason of acquiring a graduate research assistantship, students are provided with stipends or credits.

If you are thinking to apply for a graduate research assistant position at your university, the following cover letter sample will give you idea on how to write one.


Graduate Research Assistant Cover Letter Sample


Ira Hansen

3911 Whitefish Road ● Big Sandy, MT 63729
(00) 222-9999 ● Ira.hansen @ email . com

March 1, 2016

Professor Mathew Ford
Montana State University
6 Missoula Avenue
Big Sandy, MT 55554


Dear Professor Ford:

I am presently enrolled in the post graduate business program at Montana State University. My marketing professor Mr. Hannibal Lander suggested that I get in touch with you regarding a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) position in order to attain the credits that I will need for my marketing module.

I have held a similar position with Mr. Lander in the previous academic year (2015) and have successfully obtained the credits that I required. While working with Mr. Lander, I performed many research tasks including conducting data analysis and computation. My research skills stem not only from this experience but my inherent curiosity into how target markets work and the many factors that lead to the success of marketing strategies. This experience has also provided me with great insight into formatting the records that I research and harvesting pertinent data from them. I am also quite familiar with using research data to create apposite presentations; it will be prudent to mention that my presentations were an important part of the research paper that Mr. Hannibal wrote and I have been given credit for it in the “acknowledgements” portion.

As a proactive and dependable individual, I would like to meet with you to provide you with more information on my research abilities and suitability for a GRA position in your department. I will call your secretary after 3 days to find the possibility of interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Sincerely yours,

Ira Hansen

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