Catering Server Job Description for Resume

Updated on: May 27, 2019

Position Overview

Catering servers prepare and serve food items at catered events.

They are responsible for setting up and servicing of food items before, during, and after an event while providing exceptional customer services all the time.


Catering servers are not only required to set up and serve food at events. They are also responsible for preparing food items such as deli plates, salads, and sandwiches.

They may work onsite (for instance, at a rented venue where the catering company operates) or offsite at customers’ venues where they are hired.

Setting up buffet tables, serving food and beverage items, and ensuring that there is sufficient food at all times are just a few of the responsibilities of a catering server.

To make an effective resume for a catering server position, you need to write an accurate job description in your experience section.

See the following sample list of duties and responsibilities of a catering server to make a good resume.


Sample Job Description for Catering Server Resume

• Greet guests at the venue and assist them in the selection of seat.

• Set up tables with flatware, dishware, and glassware by following established protocols.

• Prepare food items such as salads, soups or hors d’oeuvres.

• Serve prepared food items to guests along with drinks such as juices or colas.

• Take requests from guests and ensure that all requests are filled.

• Ensure that correct quantity of food is set up on the banquet table.

• Monitor the number of food items on the banquet table and ensure that there is enough at all times.

• Handle cleaning and resetting duties at the end of an event.

• Clean and sanitize workstations and desks.

• Handle the stocking of food inventory.

• Clear dishware and flatware from banquet tables and ensure fresh ones are set up.

• Ensure a constant supply of clean glassware.

• Provide kitchen workers with information on what items are needed at the front end.

• Assist kitchen workers in preparing orders and setting them up on banquet tables.

• Operate dishwashers or provide support in washing dishes and flatware by hand.

• Receive equipment and supplies and ensure that they are stored properly.

• Polish silverware and fold napkins along with organizing table utensils.

• Carry trays of food to and from the kitchen.

• Assist customers by helping them fill their plates and replenishing their beverages.

• Ensure proper cleanliness of the banquet area.

• Ensure that all equipment and supplies are returned to their place of storage at the end of the event.

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