Catering Server Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 3, 2016

Job seekers often believe that cover letters are nothing more than creating a profile of their professional life. Wrong! That is the job of a resume. A cover letter is completely different from a resume. Cover letters complement resumes, charting out how we can do the things that we have mentioned in our resumes. So in essence, the cover letter provides an umbrella to the resume, detailing how well the candidate will fit into the organization – if at all!

There is a thin line between writing a good cover letter and one which is a complete failure. This is where we need to put in our efforts – determining what this thin line is and writing one accordingly. The longer your cover letter is, the more difficult it will be for a hiring manager to decide in your favor. This is because most hiring managers do not look for quantity but quality of cover letters that they read. You can finish a cover letter in 2 paragraphs and still make it a potent piece of content! Focus on placing your best abilities forward when writing a cover letter. Leave negative things about yourself out, as they will harm your cause – you may feel that you are being honest in telling a hiring manager that you are terrible at something, but seriously, he doesn’t need to know that!

Instead, follow the sample below to get help write one:


Catering Server Cover Letter Sample


658 6th Street # 43
New Douglas, IL 81201

June 3, 2016

Mr. Anthony Stark
Hiring Manager
Umami Restaurant Group
8 Kerwin Drive
New Douglas, IL 80900


Dear Mr. Stark:

I am writing to apply for Catering Server position at Umami Restaurant Group. During the course of my career as a catering server, I have been successful in providing seamless catering services to guests, by ensuring appropriate and timely set up and breakdown of catering stations.

Some of my best qualifications to work as a catering server at Umami Restaurant Services include:

• Highly experienced in ensuring exemplary services through handling station carving, banquet management, food replenishment and event standards compliance.

• Qualified to handle upselling activities, with a view to increase revenues, by indulging in suggestive selling.

• Exceptionally well-versed in serving food items to guests and ensuring continuous banquet running, by employing exceptional customer service skills.

I would like to arrange an interview to review the contribution I can make by working as a catering server at Umami Restaurant Group. I appreciate your time and consideration and will contact you to discuss this opportunity soon.



Dexter Joel

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