Mental Health Therapist Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 4, 2016

Mass produced cover letters are recipes for disaster. Each cover letter for mental health therapist position should be written from the scratch. This is the only way in which you can be fair to yourself. A cover letter that is written on a standard business letter format will lead you to success – one which has no form to it, won’t.

What you write in a cover letter is a different matter but how you present yourself as a person who is approachable and professional, is what matters the most. Articulating that you match the job description provided in the cover letter to the T, is imperative. How else will an employer know that you have it in you?

The main reason any of us write a cover letter is that we want to communicate our eligibility for a job. Without the benefit of a cover letter, you cannot do this. You cannot simply call an employer and expect that he will listen to all you have to say over the telephone! The cover letter gives you the opportunity to write everything on paper and correct it too before sending it on. Verbal conversations never give you a second chance.

What follows is an example of a cover letter sample for a mental health therapist position:


Mental Health Therapist Cover Letter Sample


365 7th Street #45
Aurora, OH 32122

June 4, 2016

Mr. Derek Mason
Hiring Manager
Touchstone Health Partners
23 Landing Road
Aurora, OH 54545


Dear Mr. Mason:

Perhaps my most significant achievement is successfully rehabilitating a preteen with severe PTSD, after the tragic death of his parents. And I have learned a lot from this experience, since I had to put all that I had into the case – both physically and emotionally. I believe that similar cases (or even diverse ones) are right down my alley as I have both the educational background and associated experience to handle them.

If hired as a mental health therapist at Touchstone Health Partners, I will bring the following talents to your facility:

• Demonstrated expertise in using a variety of wellness models to highlight patients’ strengths
• Hands-on experience in assessing patients to determine their specific mental health problems and developing correlating therapeutic processes
• Familiar with the holistic (mind and body) approach to mental health care, aiming to providing both conventional and alternative solutions

Having worked in a dedicated mental health wellness facility, I am positive that my contribution to your facility will be immense. To verify this, I would like to meet with you in person – I will call you in two weeks to discuss the possibility of an interview. You may also contact me at (000) 155-1021 if the requirement arises.



Sarah Fletcher

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