Best Sample Cover Letter for Catering Job

Updated on: February 27, 2021

Catering is a very diverse and rapidly growing field. There are many positions in the catering department and many specialization courses as well.

In order to write a winning cover letter for a catering position, there are many considerations to keep in mind.

Firstly, mention just a few of your core competencies to give a notion of your standing in the field.

Secondly, suggest how your skills can be of assistance to the hiring company and last but not the least, demonstrate a lot of enthusiasm and passion for the job.

Following is a sample cover letter to guide you on how to write a good cover letter for catering positions.

Catering Job Cover Letter Sample

Kim Gordon
718 Deluca Avenue
Chicago, IL 73398
(000) 502-2015
kim.gordon @ email .com

February 27, 2021

Ms. Ann Mitchell
Hiring Manager
Quality Caterers
76 Tee-Hill Lane
Chicago, IL 73398

Dear Ms. Mitchell:

As a well-qualified catering professional with 3 years’ extensive experience, I would like to contribute to the success of Quality Caterers in the role of Catering Assistant.

Having a track record of delivering high-quality catering service, my experience in outdoor catering would be especially useful for Quality Caterer’s rapidly growing outdoor catering realm. I offer the following competencies:

  • Demonstrated ability to greet guests, maintain Public relations for promoting the business, and keeping track of feedback forms filled by guests.
  • Proficient in coordinating, organizing, and managing a huge volume of outdoor and indoor catering events.
  • Able to create and maintain contacts with potential vendors and catering material suppliers of good reputation.
  • Experienced in scheduling pre-event tasting sessions for valuable customers, demonstrating matchless customer care expertise.

My experience with Heavenly Wedding Caterers has taught me a lot about wedding-themed menus and relevant catering needs. Catering being my passion, I have developed a great sense of thematic combinations I can’t wait to demonstrate via coordination of unique indoor and outdoor catering services at Quality Caterers wedding catering department. In addition, I am currently improving my qualification through an online catering administration diploma.

Considering the alignment between your job requirements and my qualifications, I intend to have an interview with you to discuss your requirements. I will get in touch with your office by the end of next week to follow-up. Meanwhile, if you have any queries, feel free to contact me at (000) 502-2015.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kim Gordon