Banquet Server Duties and Responsibilities

Updated April 11, 2021
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If the food and beverage world excites you, it is time to seriously think of ways to work in it. After all, what is better than working at a position that you absolutely love? One possible position that you can obtain is that of a banquet server.

Banquet Server Position Overview

Typically, a banquet server is an individual who serves food and beverage items to guests during a banquet function. But before we get on to other things, let us first see what duties a banquet server is expected to perform before the guests come in. On the designated day of the function, it is the duty of a banquet server to set up the banquet room.

This may include tables and chairs set up, including placing cutlery and dishware on the tables and ensuring that clean tablecloths are placed on tables. Another duty of a banquet server at this stage includes putting up light decorations and ensuring that every bit of furniture and fixture is kept clean.

During the event, it is the job of the banquet server to make sure that food items are served to the guests in a time-efficient fashion. If the event details include a buffet table, it is his duty to make sure that there is sufficient food available.

Here is a list of duties that you can look through in order to create the experience section of a banquet server resume.

Banquet Server Duties and Responsibilities

• Set up banquet rooms by ensuring that buffet tables and guest tables and chairs are properly dusted, cleaned, and clothed
• Place dishware and flatware on tables in an aesthetic manner
• Greet and welcome guests as they arrive and assist them in finding the right tables for themselves and family members
• Serve water or welcome drinks as soon as guests have sat down
• Assist in the setup of buffet table by ensuring that food items are properly placed and that any dish that has run out, is refilled promptly
• Ensure the availability of cutlery such as serving spoons and forks on the buffet table
• Serve food and beverage items to guests on their tables and fulfill requests for additional servings
• Quickly remove dishes as soon as guests have finished eating their course and supply new ones
• Clear away soiled dishes and glasses and ensure that they are transported to the kitchen area in a timely manner
• Take off dirty tablecloths and replace them with freshly laundered ones
• Ensure that the floor in the banquet area is properly cleaned after each event
• Stock up on extras such as condiments and napkins