School District Secretary Job Description for Resume

Updated on: August 29, 2015

To understand what a school district secretary does, it is important to understand what a school district is. A school district is similar to a local government and encompasses a geographical area within a state. Typically, a school district includes several schools within the defined geographical area and it is up to the superintendent of the district to ensure that all schools follow the same academic laws.

Position Overview

A school district secretary basically provides administrative support to the superintendent’s office to make sure that all work is appropriately coordinated within the district. Typically, school district secretaries ensure that all schools which are part of the district run on the same curriculum and perform according to the policies and procedures set in the rule book, which is made by the superintendent.

School district secretaries are very busy people – most of their work day includes performing a variety of administrative and clerical work to ensure smooth operations. They take the pressure off the superintendent so that he or she can devote his or her time to the central issues of education and educational administration. They work in the central administration office and are in constant touch with administrative staff from various institutions under the district umbrella.

Job Requirements

To be eligible for a school district secretary position, you have to possess a high school diploma at the very minimum – if you have a degree in education or business, you can be a great contender for this position. On a typical day you will be performing these duties:

Sample Job Description for School District Secretary Resume

• Assist school district superintendent in creating a curriculum egis for all schools within the district
• Coordinate a variety of programs and activities including meetings, seminars, workshops and ceremonies to deliver services in conformance to established guidelines
• Assist school staff members in understanding and following school procedures and protocols
• Provide support in create state reports, in-service programs and presentations
• Receive, sort and distribute incoming mail to intended recipients
• Find substitute teachers and handle documentation related to absences and leaves
• Initiate paperwork and packets for new staff members and assist in inducting and training them for their specified positions
• Provide information regarding creation and maintenance of parental and teacher hubs
• Maintain inventories of supplies and equipment and coordinate efforts with procurement staff to ensure timely deliveries
• Create and maintain effective relationships with vendors and negotiate prices for bulk purchases
• Handle records-keeping and filing duties and ensure that all sensitive data is maintained in a safe and confidential manner