4 School Secretary Interview Questions Answers

Updated on: May 3, 2022

Nothing is more daunting than giving your first interview. Even the 10th interview is quite overwhelming!

No, one does not get used to being interviewed.

The stakes are too high, and if you lose the game, you lose more than just a job opportunity. Failed interviews can make our self-confidence shatter to the core.

It is not a nice feeling to be rejected when you have spent so much time and effort preparing for an interview.

To make sure that you never fail an interview, there are only a few things that you might keep need to do. Firstly, get rid of the jitters.

If you come across as being scared, the interviewer will cut points. Appear confident (not overconfident), and you can be sure to win points. But, to feel confident, you have to know your purpose at the interview table.

Analyze the situation before you become part of it. Why would an interviewee be scared? Because he doesn’t know much about the work or the company is the most likely answer.

Eliminate this fear by researching the company and your role in it.

Yes, that is all you have to do.

Once you have done this, you too can answer interview questions as flawlessly as the ones given below:

School Secretary Interview Questions Answers

1. What motivated you to work as a school secretary?

My administrative and people skills are great. I can handle an entire office on my own and never provide cause for complaint. In a school environment, I am a winner as I have worked in an academic facility before and know the intricacies of this work.

2. Tell us about a particularly bad experience that you had with a parent and how you handled it.

There was a time when an irate parent walked right into the school premises and threatened me with the police, without actually saying why he was in that state. I managed to calm him down enough to enable him to tell me his problem. He was angry that his child hadn’t done well in school and blamed the school for it. I managed to explain to him that he cannot come barging in and threaten us and that we have CCTV everywhere and the authorities can incriminate him for harassment. Without anyone else’s involvement, I managed to send him back after giving him an appointment to meet the school coordinator in the coming week.

3. What challenges do school environments pose when you are working as a first contact person?

Greeting people, taking telephone calls, and handling paperwork, all in one go can be extremely difficult at times. However, I have the multitasking skills that this requires, so I am not too worried about the challenge.

4. Why should we choose you as the school secretary for Alpine Public Schools?

I am incredibly well-organized and can prioritize tasks effectively. I also have a vast background in working in the same role in a large school. Additionally, I am well-versed in providing exam paper generation support, and school event management assistance and can make skillful use of technology to make my work more efficient.