School District Secretary Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 29, 2015

So you have written dozens of cover letters and you deem yourself an expert at cover letter writing now. That is brilliant. However, even the best of us cover letter writers are faced with complete writers’ blocks at times. Which means that whatever we have written in the past is of no good to us at that particular moment. It happens and unfortunately, it cannot be avoided.

If we have too much information to process in our heads, a mental block is imminent. It is at times like these that we need help – which of course does not mean that we are not great writers. It just means that even the best of us need a hand at times, simply because we are human!

For those times when your creativity refuses to work for you, here are a few tips that you can use to write a compelling cover letter:

• Write a new cover letter every time you apply for a job – do not rely on an older one
• Sell yourself as much as possible by putting forth your knowledge, skills, qualifications and achievements
• Leave old age clichés and replace them with new, witty ones where possible
• Make your cover letter sing with words and sentences that have seldom been written before

Got some ideas? Good! Let us help you some more. Here is a cover letter sample for a school district secretary that you can look through:


School District Secretary Cover Letter Sample


Jenna Morrison
652 W. 9th Street
Los Lunas, NM 61020
(000) 444-4444
Jenna @ email . com

August 29, 2015

Mr. Paul Dayton
Manager Human Resources
Los Lunas School District
601 St. Thomas Avenue
Los Lunas, NM 66667


Dear Mr. Dayton:

If you have worked with the best academic professionals in the state, you will know the importance of hiring one with an exceptionally well-placed background in handling the administrative needs of a school district. I offer deep insight into handling the various aspects of coordination work which should be of great interest to you.

Specifically, I offer:

• Hands-on experience in disseminating information to different members by ensuring accuracy
• Track record of success in encouraging, modeling and maintaining high standards of conduct
• Familiar with managing employee application and certification procedures with special focus on well-placed staff plans
• Competent at synthesizing communications to organize and plan special events such as school fairs, meetings and seminars

I do not doubt the fact that I will be a sizeable addition to your school district and to prove this, I would like to meet with you in person. I will be in touch with you regarding an interview soon and can be reached at (000) 444-4444.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jenna Morrison

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