School Superintendent Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: May 18, 2022
Position Overview

A school superintendent is the chief officer of a school district which means many schools come under his or her control.

Usually hired by a school board, they are responsible for general management duties, which may include hiring appropriate staff for different schools under their control.

School superintendents oversee standards of education in a school district and ensure that the same standard is applied to all schools within the district.

They are also expected to keep abreast of student activities and achievements and allocate resources.

School superintendents are considered the strongest point of contact as far as liaison with government agencies is concerned.

Position Requirements

The minimum requirement to be eligible for a school superintendent’s position is a master’s degree in education or public administration.

Nearly all states within the Unites States require school superintendents to be properly certified if they want to be eligible to work in this role.

School Superintendent Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Plan, schedule and implement a wide variety of class instruction, recreation programs, and special events for schools within the assigned school district.

• Interview and hire staff by determining eligibility and suitability of designated educational programs.

• Keep the school board informed of events and happenings within the district.

• Make recommendations about daily operations and enforce rules and regulations pertaining to education systems within the district.

• Prepare agenda for board meetings and provide input regarding all matters that require immediate action.

• Submit a clear and detailed explanation of proposed procedures on expenditure.

• Supervise and assist with the development of specific administrative procedures and programs.

• Oversee sound planning and organization of education programs.

• Maintain school records such as financial accounts, business records, student and staff records, and inventory of books and educational materials.

• Supervise development activities pertaining to maintaining high standards of performance in educational achievement.

• Direct the safety and proper use of funds and physical assets.

• Establish and maintain liaisons with government agencies and community groups.

• Act as a referee for problems brought in front of the school board.

• Approve vacation schedules for school administrators.

• Hold meetings with staff members necessary for discussing improvements and the welfare of schools within the district.

• Advise the school board on the need for new or revised policies.

• Coordinate activities between different schools within a district to encourage partnerships.