Executive Secretary Resume Objectives

Executive secretaries provide high-end administrative and secretarial support to executives within a company. They may be required to work for one or more executives depending on their work setting.

Executive Secretary Job Scope

The presence of an executive secretary in an organization is highly important. These professionals ensure smooth working of an office by employing many strategies that are aimed at providing exceptional executive support. They organize calendars, coordinate meetings, record and publish minutes of the meeting and maintain confidential files. They also write proposals and press releases and prepare annual reports. Most tasks that an executive secretary is expected to perform are targeted at making things smooth for the executive that they report to.

If you are preparing a resume for Executive Secretary position, you need to ensure that your resume objective is targeted and reflects your expertise as an executive secretary. Below are some resume objectives for this position which will help you build a good resume.


Sample Objectives for Executive Secretary Resume

• Highly dependable and ambitious Executive Secretary, looking for a challenging position utilizing strong administrative, customer service and communication skills to provide adequate support to the executives.

• A productive and consistent individual seeking a position as an Executive Secretary at Vanderbilt. Bringing expertise in organizing calendars, coordinating conferences and establishing communication programs.

• Desire a position as an Executive Secretary at Core Technologies. Offers 5+ years’ track record in providing departmental administrative and general support to manage the flow of office operations efficiently.

• To obtain an Executive Secretary position with Geo Group where knowledge of exercising priority judgment, establishing effective working relations and managing schedules can be utilized to sustain executives’ office operations.

• Looking for an Executive Secretary position at Fulton Financial Corporation using experience in coordinating executive level programming and performing core administrative and secretarial duties for the company’s executives.

• Looking for an Executive Secretary position at Cantton Hall utilizing strong knowledge and skills in office support in terms of managing correspondence, supply inventory, presentations, and memos.

• To work for ULC as an Executive Secretary. Offering high proficiency in carrying out diversified functions; organizing schedules, managing correspondence and preparing press releases and conference agendas in order to smooth out the work of executives.

• To work as an Executive Secretary for MTC where I can use my understanding of prioritizing clerical, secretarial and administrative efforts to manage smooth operations for the company’s executives.

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