Account executives are prevalent across many industries but are more popular in the marketing sector. These individuals are expected to assist the marketing department by meeting with clients to determine their advertising needs and communicating the same to the marketing head. They also assist in devising campaigns by keeping budgets in check and also present ideas to clients in the form of presentations.

The position of an account executive is more or less sales in nature. They establish leads and manage demonstrations, introduce business owners to different programs of the company and answer any questions that the clients may ask. They also make cold calls to determine leads and are then expected to follow up on these leads to ensure business.

Account executives are expected to have both media sales and advertising sales experience as these two tools assist them most when tapping clients. They are representatives of the company in terms of creating opportunities and bringing these opportunities to the people which is why their training is of the utmost important to a company.

If you qualify for this position, you may be interested in the following resume objective examples for your resume.

Sample Objectives for an Account Executive Resume

• Seeking an Account Executive position with Core Financials where applying skills in supporting sales policies to generate leads and covert them into business

• Looking for an Account Executive with Alpha Delta utilizing strong customer service skills and a solid background in enterprise account business-to-business selling to ensure recurring business

• An Account Executive position at Acme Inc. Offering proven track record of generating new business and developing new accounts in a highly-productive, sales environment

• To work for Fondant Cakes as an Account Executive where my articulate sales manner and understanding of implementing business plans is used for the company’s sales benefit

• To obtain employment as an Account Executive with Clasha Cars using practical understanding of community development in terms of fundraising activities and donor influx