Horse Trainer Cover Letter Sample

Updated: May 21, 2023

Horse Trainer cover letters are a dime a dozen – or so it seems to a hiring manager who has seen the same type of cover letters all his or her life, and has never really been impressed by many.

It should be the main concern of a job seeker to give a hiring manager something that he hasn’t seen before. If you can effectively write one that clearly speaks of your skills, abilities, competencies, and accomplishments, you have managed to put aside the biggest hurdle that covers letter writers face.

A cover letter is basically an insight into you as an individual and a professional. Both these will be gauged thoroughly by hiring managers, who want nothing more than to hire employees who fit the job description perfectly. You can make this happen, by following the prospective employer’s lead – by looking through the ad that he or she has posted.

To see how you can write a rocking cover letter, have a look at the sample below:

Horse Trainer Cover Letter Example

May 21, 2023

Mr. Bruce Templeton
Human Resource Manager
The Equestrian
200 Brownie Road
Sarah, MS 38665

Dear Mr. Templeton:

I am not just an animal lover – for me, working with animals is my way of life, especially with horses and ponies. Taking this interest forward, I am self-trained in handling the grooming and training needs of assigned horses, for a wide variety of purposes, including racing, shows, and riding. Hoping to acquire a horse trainer position at The Equestrian, I offer my services in the Horse Trainer role.

With over 10 years of dedicated experience in training horses by creating and implementing core training programs, and leading them through “breaking” procedures to ensure that they graduate to a training level, I will definitely be an immediate and valued addition to your team of horse trainers.

You will soon discover that I have a way with horses – my colleagues playfully refer to me as a horse whisperer owing to my ability to calm even the most rebellious of horses, through acts of encouragement and comforting words. Also, I am a pro at retraining horses to break unruly habits such as kicking and bolting, placing special focus on their safety and well-being, and that of the people around.

Anticipating meeting with you in person, I will contact you after the weekend to secure an interview date and time. Thank you for your time and consideration.


David Gree

(000) 354-5215