Life Coach Resume Sample

Updated June 13, 2018

Each job application document that you build for life coach position needs to be done so based on a suitable format.

Here is one for a resume:




Life Coach Resume Example



Gerard Collins
936 Hem Road, Omaha, NE69021
(000) 985-2015


Resourceful, compassionate, and patient individual, with extensive experience of working in a life coach capacity, spanning 6 years. Deeply familiar with identifying clients’ specific life coaching requirements, and providing them with correlating assistance. Known to build solid relationships with clients, allowing them to communicate their values and beliefs.


• Client Evaluation • Case Assessment • Motivation
• Self-help Techniques • Goal Strategizing • Needs Assessment
• Motivation • Referrals Management • Resource Development
• Validation and Approval • Questioning Techniques • Problem Resolution

• Successfully placed 500 clients in the “life coach-ed” category, by providing them with solid and well-placed assistance in improving their lifestyles.
• Singlehandedly developed an assistance program for clients, to assist them in understanding self-help techniques.
• Introduced the concept of focused questioning, making it easy to develop an understanding of each case.
• Strategized a series of life coaching programs, all of which were highly successful in meeting their goals.


Life Coach
Achieva, Omaha, NE 2013-present
• Engage clients in conversation to determine their specific lifestyle change requirements.
• Present questions, and note answers to develop a clear understanding of clients’ personality.
• Support goal-setting initiatives and provide intervention in behavior modification for clients.
• Determine the “extras” in each client’s life and assist them in decluttering their lives of too many emotions.
• Assist in the exploration of new skills aimed at helping clients meet their goals.
• Provide structured support by contacting clients on a regular basis and recording their progress.
• Ascertain that proper reinforcement is provided to each client to help them develop new lifestyles.
• Create and maintain records of all clients, and their specific progress, accurately and confidentially.

Life Coaching Assistant
We Help Inc., Omaha, NE 2007-2013
• Gathered information of clients by performing initial interviews, and recording all data.
• Documented case files appropriately, ensuring that confidentiality was made a priority.
• Assisted life coaches in obtaining information about clients that they (clients) may be reluctant to provide.
• Provided support in identifying problems related to each client, and suggested interventions.
• Assisted in the evaluation of each client’s progress, and provided assistance in making modifications to programs.

Nebraska State University, Omaha, NE – 2005
Bachelor’s Degree in Human Sciences