Entry Level Translator Resume No Experience

Updated on: February 16, 2023

As a translator, you can do what you love doing and earn money for it. However, you will need to write a resume in order to apply for a position.

As a translator, your focus should be on your ability to translate between different languages.

Your resume should highlight that you are at least bilingual – if you know more than one language, feel free to put it in your resume.

Even without experience, you can be considered a good contender to hire in a translator capacity.

But you will have to show that you are aware of the protocols that need to be followed when translating or interpreting content.

Your focus should be on providing hiring managers with information that sells you as the right candidate for the job.

A resume sample for a translator position is provided here:

Entry Level Translator Resume No Experience

Lauren Gates
Madison,WI 22445
(000) 999-9999


Resourceful and organized translator and interpreter with exceptional verbal and written communication skills in English and Chinese. Competent in converting concepts from source languages to equivalent concepts in target languages.

Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics
Wisconsin State University, Madison, WI – 2022

• Awarded Best Student title for two years, due to excellence and consistency in the academic record.
• Honored for being chosen by the state to represent Wisconsin at an educational forum in Cleveland.

• Received commendation for developing and presenting the final year project hosting a unique theme.
• Suggested incorporation of a translation module within the degree program, as a result, increased student base by 35%.

• Information Compilation
• Tone and Style Setting
• Schedule Management
• Timelines Determination
• Media Interpretation
• Translation Tools Use
• Quality Standards
• Software Use
• Research Handling


Uwrite Translation Services, Madison, WI
• Read through provided materials, and determined their context.
• Created plans to convert concepts into target languages.
• Use dictionaries and other materials and resources in order to find close terminology equivalents.
• Researched legal, technical, and scientific phrases to ensure correct translation.
• Contacted clients in order to clarify any points that may have caused confusion.
• Translated content by ensuring that proper context was maintained.

Fluent in English and Chinese

• Represented the Wisconsin Rugby Team in 5 tournaments, winning 4 of them
• Offered volunteer services to 2 hospitals, and 3 orphanages

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