Horticulturist Resume Sample

Updated on May 22, 2018

A horticulturist is an individual who works with plants and crops. Depending on his individual setting, he may be employed in fields, greenhouses and even in labs and as consultants.

Horticulturist Resume Guidelines

➜ List only relevant information in reverse chronological order.

➜ Include your relevant skills starting from the most pertinent to less relevant.

➜ Choose attractive headings to put emphasize on your abilities.

➜ Begin your resume with a targeted and robust career objective (For less experienced candidates) or Profile / Skills Summary (For highly qualified candidates.)

➜ Choose a simple format: Avoid using a readymade template.

Let us see what a horticulturist will write in his resume when applying for a job.

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Horticulturist Resume Example



Ben Toll

77 Cumberland Avenue, Buffalo, NY 90101
(911) 999-9009, Email


• 7+ years’ functional experience in different horticulture capacities
• Highly skilled in identifying and correcting plant problems
•In-depth knowledge of most plants’ nutrient levels and related logistics
• Hands on experience in recognizing and controlling damages related to soil compaction and weather extremes
• Well versed in diagnosing and treating landscape and turfgrass areas for common pests

• Pest management
• Horticulture and floriculture
• Irrigation systems and applications
• Seasonal employees’ training
• Housekeeping duties and grounds maintenance


Green View, Buffalo, NY | 2012-present
• Perform a range of landscaping tasks.
• Complete display designs and order plans as needed.
• Prepare soil, plant and transplant trees, and plants, mulching, weeding, watering, and irrigation.
• Maintain care of horticulture tools and equipment.
• Manage weekend watering duties.
• Manage specific horticulture programs for educational purposes.

Key Achievements
• Introduced and implemented a modern sprinkler system that works with touch and weather sensitivity options
• Evaluated the intensity of projected problems brought about by inclement weather and soil issues.

Horticultural Attendant
Department of Service, Baton Rouge, LA | 2009-2011
• Performed care of plants, vegetation, trees, and grounds.
• Pruned and trimmed trees and scrubbed as needed.
• Propagated, cultivated, fertilized, disbudded, and scheduled foliage, vegetable, horticultural, florist, and woody ornamental crops.
• Monitored and adjusted environmental control system for plant structures.
• Observed insect action; scheduled, prepared, and applied pesticides.
• Recorded data on crop growth.

Los Angeles State University, Baton Rouge, LA
Bachelors of Science in Horticulture Science
Major: Urban Ecosystems
Minors: Plant Propagation, Pest management, Arboriculture
GPA: 3.7

Pesticide Applicator’s Certification in category 3A