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A chaplain works as an integral part of the healthcare team and provides for the pastoral needs of patients, residents, families, and employees specially. They help patients, residents or clients to recognize complete life’s events as it relate to their spiritual and emotional health.

Following is an excellent resume sample for Chaplain Job. This sample will help you understand the basic sections of a chaplain resume.

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Chaplain Resume Example



John Doe

33 Thomas Street, New York City, NY 02897
(000) 939-9873, Email

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position as a Chaplain with ABC Healthcare. Binging relevant knowledge and clinical pastoral education skills to maximize the quality of life of patients while motivating healthcare staff.

• Over 2 years’ experience as a Chaplain
• Certified by clinical pastoral agency
• Well versed in assessing the patient/families spiritual needs and the level of spiritual distress
• Adept at providing patient and family with spiritual counseling
• Ensures that patient and family beliefs and practices are respected by the hospice team

• Providing hospice staff with spiritual care and counseling
• Working with the people of different cultures
• Solid standing in the Church through priestly support
• Handling patients, residents and clients with unstable physical and mental dysfunctions


Chaplain | AA SENIOR LIVING, New York City NY | Mar 2010 – May 2011

• Organized worship services in innovative and ecumenical ways
• Offered religious and divine guidance to patients, residents, employees, and managers
• Participated in groups and conferences to enhance the continuity of care to patients
• Established constructive working relationships with all members of the health team in addition to the volunteers
• Kept records as required
• Started and maintained contact with area clergy through discussion


Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Services
Completed a curriculum of theological classes

• Sympathetic and able to handle situations of big stress and sadness
• Able to provide emotional hold and strength in times of both happiness and grief
• Proven ability to maintain a professional conduct appropriate to the circumstances
• Highly motivated with good organizational skills

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