Pastoral Care Associate Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: May 9, 2018

A cover letter of a pastoral care associate resume provides you with an excellent opportunity to initiate a primary contact and introduce yourself to the prospective employer.

It might be written in response to job postings or inquire about future openings. A Pastoral Care Associate Cover Letter should highlight relevant information that addresses the requirements and interests of the employer.

Pastoral care associates are required to provide quality pastoral care or spiritual guidance. These services are generally provided following specific requests from patients or families.



Pastoral Care Associate Cover Letter Example


221 Holly Lane
Piscataway, NJ 77837

May 9, 2018

Mr. Robert Moore
HR Administrator
Hospice Buffalo
7736 Prospect Street
Cheektowaga, NY 66534


Dear Mr. Moore:

I saw your advertisement for the position of a Pastoral Care Associate at  Hospice Buffalo in the News Daily. With my master’s degree in divinity and two years of hands-on experience in pastoral care including working with terminally ill patients, I am confident that I am the right candidate for this job.

Having worked in a similar capacity before I moved from New Hampshire last year, I have developed the skills necessary to perform the job duties related to this post perfectly. I possess the capability to provide spiritual support reflective of the individual’s needs and beliefs. Additionally, I am competent in exercising leadership in operations and acting as a theological consultant where necessary. Moreover, I have a demonstrated ability to provide spiritual support which is reflective of patient and family needs and belief system

I would like to meet with you to discuss how we can work together efficiently. To set up an appointment, I will call you next week and will be available at (000) 999-9229 if you would like to reach me before that.

Thank you for your time in looking through this application.



Stephen Murphy

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