No Call No Show Warning Letter Sample

Updated on: June 17, 2020

Being an employer is demanding. You are always at the mercy of people working for you, as when they don’t come in, your work can be severely affected.

However, there are times when you have to take control of things. For instance, when an employee does not show up for work and is missing in action, you will need to send in a show cause or warning letter.

A no call, no show warning letter should be written in a firm tone. If you have been trying to contact the employee and have been unable to do so, mention it.

And if there is work that he or she needs to do, that also needs to be mentioned. Remember that your work will be affected if it has been given to an individual who refuses to show up.

You have to take matters in your own hands now, and send in a warning letter.

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Sample No Call No Show Warning Letter

Thomas Hawkins
Human Resources Manager
Troy Design and Manufacturing

June 17, 2020

Ms. Kate Tomlinson
722 78th Street NE
Charles Town, WV54325

Dear Ms. Tomlinson:

This letter is concerning your absence from work since Friday last week. My office has been trying to reach you for the past 5 days, but have been unable to. All the numbers that we have in the record are switched off, except one which no one picks up.

As you know, you have a deadline that has to be met by the end of this month. Many people are working on the project, and just like their input is essential, so is yours. We believe that a single individual taking off without notice at this time may result in the collapse of the project.

Since you have signed a contract with us stating that you have to provide a 30-day notice of your intention to leave, it is unprofessional to not show up for work, and not call in either. Please consider this as your only warning. We have no choice but to send this to your home address, with a copy to the permanent address in Princeton, WV that you have provided to us.

Please contact us within 24 hours of receiving this letter, failing which we may have to cancel your employment with us, and involve the authorities in order to investigate a breach of contract.


Thomas Hawkins
Human Resources Manager
Troy Design and Manufacturing

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