Records Officer Resume Sample

Updated on: November 24, 2015

If you were to come across the perfect resume – one that you had been hoping to find to save you the time and effort in going through a dozen others – what would be the first thing that you would do? Probably jump for joy!

Now put yourself at the other end of the rope. If you could design the perfect resume – or at least a near perfect one – what do you think you will be rewarded with? An interview for sure. Records Officer Resume writing is an art and that is how it should be taken. When you think of resume writing as a boring task, you end up writing a boring resume.

To put more effectiveness in your resume, you can refer to the resume sample provided below:

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Records Officer Resume Sample


Andrew Rogers

32 Dahlgren Avenue ● Portsmouth, VA 23225 ● (000) 999-9999 ● androg @ email . com


• Highly organized and reliable individual who has proven his worth in development and implementation of complex records management systems.
• Proficient in storing, arranging and classifying records to ensure minimum retrieval time.
• Effectively able to facilitate the implementation of filing systems and ensuring that they meet administrative, legal and financial requirements of the company.
• Qualified to devise and implement retention and disposal schedules in conformance to the company’s records management system procedures.
• Demonstrated expertise in setting up, maintaining and documenting records management systems to ensure efficiency.
• Adept at resolving problems with information management by effectively using dedicated software and other management resources.


• Records System Evaluation • Compliance Assurance • Schedules Management
• Records Inventory • Periodic Reviews • Organizational Security
• Indexing • File Classification • Digital Filing Systems
• Archiving • Records Auditing • Information Retrieval


Records Officer | LORD GLOBAL SERVICES, Portsmouth, VA (11/2010 to Present)

• Determine the company’s records management needs by analyzing information needs
• Take audits of information created and stored within various systems in the company
• Establish duration for which records need to be kept in accordance to legislative requirements
• Store, arrange, index and classify records according to specified filing procedures
• Facilitate the development and implementation of filing systems by providing proactive feedback
• Oversee the management of both electronic and paper-based records
• Identify the most appropriate records management resources and implement classification systems
• Ascertain that no redundancy is evident when checking records and make sure that any identified ones are handled immediately
• Maintain information on records and respond to requests for data retrieval from inside sources

Key Accomplishments
• Implemented a digital records management system in record time of 12 weeks
• Introduced a records auditing system which reduced records redundancy by 72%
• Trained 5 groups of new records officers in handling records management tasks by implementing standard file conventions
• Assured compliance with all 52 in-house filing standards within the set deadline of 3 months

Records Assistant | HOUSING DEVELOPMENT, Portsmouth, VA (1/2010 to 11/2010)

• Handled paper and electronic filing duties by following set company procedures
• Assisted in cataloging information according to filing rules such as alphabetical, numerical and alpha-numerical
• Received and processed incoming and outgoing mail and endured that the former is accurately distributed
• Conducted auditing activities on filing systems to ensure that any discrepancies are handled immediately
• Provided office operational support such as copying, scanning and printing documents

High School Diploma