Sample Letter to Check Status of Job

Updated on: July 5, 2016

The agonizing wait that follows once you have sent your resume and cover letter or have had an interview, is well, agonizing! Seriously! Not knowing how you have fared at the interview or if you have even qualified for one can be quite a feeling to reckon with. The good news is that you do not have to punish yourself like this. Instead, be the go-getter that you have been proving yourself to be up till now and send in a hello to the hiring manager.

Follow-up letters can be written in many circumstances. You can write one if you have waited a certain amount of time after sending your resume and cover letter, but the most appropriate time to write one is after an interview has been conducted – and you have not heard from the hiring manager after a certain period of time. But be careful that you do not write one immediately after an interview as it will seem as if you are desperate.

Checking the status of a job is your right so you do not have to be nervous about writing a status-checking letter. In fact, by writing one, you are showing your enthusiasm once more and get to be noticed once again. Remember that hiring managers / interviewers meet many candidates and it is impossible for them to remember each one of them. By communicating with them once more, you are actually increasing your chances to be chosen for a position.

What follows is a letter written to check the status of a job:


Sample Letter to Check Status of Job


Victor Gibson
521 Villa Street
Oakes, ND 52144
(000) 878-6565
Victor @ email . com

July 5, 2016

Mr. Jeremy Washington
Human Resource Manager
American Merchandising Specialists
5 4th Street S
Oakes, ND 58778


Dear Mr. Washington:

During interview on July 2, 2016, you mentioned that American Merchandising Specialists has recently acquired a huge account for which they need someone “extra special” to handle their marketing efforts. After performing some detailed study of your company and its past successes, I can safely say that this project too will take off exceptionally well, provided the right people are leading it!

I am especially interested in working for American Merchandising Specialists and would like to request you to provide me with the status of my application. As we both agreed during the interview that my credentials are spot-on with the specific requirements of the new project that your company has undertaken, I believe that I am the perfect match.

Thank you for taking out the time to interview me that day and for your consideration in reviewing this follow-up request. I anticipate hearing from you soon.



Victor Gibson

Enclosed: resume