Sample Follow-up Email after Interview to Check Status

Updated on: April 9, 2022

So you have given the interview that you had dreaded for days and are now looking for ways to find out what the status of your interview is.

There are many ways of finding this out.

You can always call up a human resource representative at the company to ask, or you could even write a letter to inquire.

Although these are not odd ways of finding out the status of an interview, they may not be instrumental.

How do you know that you will be able to speak to the right person (after all everyone is busy nowadays) and how can you make sure that your letter is responded to?

Writing an email is the most effective way of restating your interest in the position and finding out the status of your interview.

While there is no surety that your email will be replied to, it will be read, and if you have written a good one, it will be answered.

Take a look at the following sample email written, especially to find out the status of an interview.

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Interview Follow-up Email to Check Status 

Subject: Re: Interview Status (Front Desk Officer)

Dear Ms. Cunningham:

I enjoyed speaking with you yesterday regarding the Front Desk Officer position at CSS Corp. I want to thank you for taking out the time to interview me and providing me with details of the large projects that CSS Corp is currently undertaking. The interview served as a high reinforcement of my interest in the job, and I would like to know about the status of my interview.

The interview was quite insightful, and I am now anticipating a decision from your end. As mentioned in the discussion, I am quite an expert in customer services, which makes me an excellent choice for a front desk position. Through experience, I have gained many skills some of which I would like to stress on once more – my understanding of ensuring smooth front desk operations and handling queries has been commended continuously in all the positions that I have held, and I believe that these skills can be used to benefit your company.

As required, a list of references is attached to this email. I anticipate meeting with you once again in the second interview. I would appreciate a little shout back so that I can find out where I stand on the interview pedestal.

Thank you very much for your time.


Stephanie Hull

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